8wonders - slunchy.

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i've been making more light dnb lately, coz that's what i've been listening to,
woot, unoriginality.
but still, i hope you like it,
and if anyone who knows anything about mastering is listening,
tips needed.
or if you hear anything wrong (clipping, distortion, does it just not sounds right?),
Tom Fulp gave you the ability to comment, so yeah.

also, i'm thinking of taking out or editing the little melody that comes in at the end,
does anyone like it?

hoping for many comments, expecting 0

followed (at least i think i did) thc's advice,
rolled bassier voices out at 55kh,
i think it lacks bass,
but what does ng think?

also, this song only works if you have a sub -w-


Love the changing tempo :D

it works so amazingly well in this piece, must say. Quite a picture-perfect tune you got here.

Gotta love those drums, it's very upbeat yet incredibly positive! Keep up the happy stuff right there :D

Some of the tom and snare drums in the beginning did sound somewhat compressed, but that's my one and only complaint.

kjhsdgf responds:

the beginning, as in intro?
those were intentionally compressed, but if you're talking about after the fade-in, then DANG.
the files were lost in the compy transfer, so i can't change this song short of re-writing the entire thing anew, note for note, in a new project..
and i'm quite lazy.
nevertheless, thanks for the nice words! :D

Wow, what an intro!

I have to admit, the main reason I clicked this song was because of the title. Love it! But I love this song waay more. I seriously didn't expect it to be THIS brilliant! I turned up my volume pretty loud, but I (in my humble opinion) couldn't hear anything that sounded bad. I love when you speed it up, really kept me interested; the melody is so upbeat and entertaining. Doesn't lose my interest for one second! Absolutely fantastic, 5/5 from me, a favourite as well as a download! Looking forward to listening to this on a regular basis. AND can't wait to hear more from you! :)

kjhsdgf responds:

wow, that's some really nice stuff to say!
thanks a lot for the kind words


best dnb song on this site period, you did a masterful job mixing this down i listened to it a few times over just enjoying the layers and panning you did. A++

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kjhsdgf responds:

wow, that's quite flattering.
i'm really glad you liked it.

not bad.

..but theres some really bad ducking going on. and its not "good" ducking like a sidechained kick on a compressor in some electro house track. its quite distracting.

The bass sounds a bit muddy because of it.

It sounds like you need to roll the bassline off at about 55hz, very difficult to explain how I would fix it on here. I could quite easily fixx it though.

Effectively what you have is several instruments all competing for the same bandwidth in your perceptable EQ range. This means that your kick, and your sub / bassline are both occupying the same frequencies.

What i mentioned before about rolling offf the bassline, is because below 50 hz, you're "pushing air" ie the speakers are moving at such a low frequency that you cannot actually hear the sound, its far too deep.
Well this sound that you cannot hear, still exists in the mix, and therefore has an effect on your limiter, and might be what is causing this crazy ducking phenomenon.

your kick drum should have the low frequencies rolled off at about 70hz,m so as to not interfere with the sub. I can hear the kicks and the subs fighting it out. I hope this helps. I've probably gone overly complicated. you can PM me if you want any decent tips.

I'm assuming you use fruityloops/FL Studio? everyone on newgrounds except me seems to use it ;-S

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kjhsdgf responds:

yeah, i realized it needed serious editing, hence the plea in the comments.
but yeah, good tips, i think i can finally get to mastering this track!
yeah, i use fl9 (it's the first one i heard about, so it's the one i got used to)
but there are some people who use reason and cubase around hurr,
but they're few and far between

This is decent

It loops well. The audio has some weird crunching sort of effect in the treble so I can't sleep to it but I can say that it could work for a one shot or something in a game easily.

kjhsdgf responds:

hmm, crunching..
i'll look into it, sir.
thanks for the heads up!

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Jul 1, 2010
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