JazzØ: SCKR (Low) RD2010

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Alright, so this a project that took DJ FiendØ and I quite a long time to complete (right around 2 months, I believe?). Whether or not you like it doesn't really matter; it was still really fun to produce! =D

The title "SCKR" stands for "Stone Cold Killa Robot," although I didn't have enough space to write this in the title (thanks to FiendØ for developing the title too...it was an inside joke. ;) ). FiendØ's releasing another version of the song; this version is tuned about a whole step lower. I personally liked the lower sound more because it gave it a darker feel. However, the original still sounds sick, and in my opinion is easier to appreciate overall. Just make sure you have that volume UP when you listen, because we don't want you to miss ANYthing lol! ;)

We really didn't develop a story to go along with this one, I suppose apart from the motif of this robot that notices only one difference between humans and machines: The mechanized part. And I suppose that everything else in the song sort of relates to this idea of the mecha. Literally every part is supposed to show some aspect of robot behavior, from voice to synths to drums. No space was left to just "relax"; it's all there to paint a picture for you. Hopefully, you can see it! =)

This project was also a practice in developing dirty bass. Since releasing "Reflections" (which coincidentally is in the All-Time Top Scoring as I write this), I've listened to a hell of a lot more dubstep, and learned quite a few new production techniques. The mastering in this song, while not perfect, is better than in "Reflections," and the bass is more professional-sounding as well. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg for both FiendØ and I. I almost guarantee that by the end of the year, we will be producing dubstep as beautiful as the likes of Mt. Eden or Nero. it will take some work, but I think we're headed in the right direction. =)

Now, for the thank-yous. I thank my brother, R0tt3n-Appl3, for helping me with the mastering by letting me borrow his car stereo and consulting him about the sound about a thousand times over the past couple of months; I thank Jewelz123 (or Aydin, as he likes to be called now) for the encouragement and suggestions he gave to me; I thank xKore for helping me develop some basic mastering and EQing skills; I thank Gravey for pushing me to be a better producer; I thank the listeners of NG for pushing me in the right direction and giving me a base of support; I thank God for the inspiration he has given me, the talents he has blessed me with, and the people he has lead me to in my life (and this is something that I came to terms with recently...but that's for another conversation)...

...And last but not least, I thank DJ FiendØ, my dubstep and production friend, whom I have formed a very powerful alliance with to produce this thing, and more great dubstep to come. This song represents the start of an amazing thing, so please...enjoy.

We accept all of the praise and constructive criticism y'all offer us; just please, no MFBs as usual, and we're good. =)

Thank you!

- Jazzman + DJ FiendØ



its cool


my ears were exploding with pure musical abyss! i love it! you have my respect my freind!(which trust me is hard to get) \\/\//^.^\\/\//


nice job,sounded great with the chopped vocals,and mechinized drums the wobbels where great too sounded like a robot screaming reminded me of that datsik song-invaders the bassline was the dirtist thing i have ever heard,i think it killed gary coleman! it was very abstract though almost what IDM is what your doin to dubstep,i liked it GREAT JOB!! any updates on the metalstep song???

i left a review in the version

serious, this track makes me feel like a robot hates me and is ready to punch me in the face and im dodging his every attempt to decapitate me.

you two did an excellent job.


mr-jazzman responds:

Hey man, glad you liked it! =) I'm gonna see if there's some stuff with the mastering that I can fix before Robot Day; there's certain parts that I'd like to stick out a little more. So keep your ears peeled, because there may be a new version released soon! Thanks for the review man, and the praise. It means a lot! =D


my first mpression after a listen through is honestly, i dont like it. But im not exactly an avid listener of dubstep.

I mean sure, it was sick, heavy, etc whatever; but compared to reflections(which i literally listen to everyday and jam it hard as hell) this doesnt appeal to me. Im sure the HARDCORE dubstep crowd will enjoy this for the sheer brutality and crazy dubstepness of this; but to the average jo on NG i honestly think they will not liek or enjoy this.

As for technicality, i listened to this moderatly loud on normal speaker settings and pretty good speakers and the bass couldve been a bit more prominent(but maybe its my speakers). The mixing does seem a TAD off but cant exactly pin point what. Also this song is COMPLEX as hell, i almost couldnt even follow everything(another thing which some people enjoy, but i necessarlily dont, complex doesnt always=good).

But overall id give and 8/10, only due to my personal tastes.
id give it a 5/5 because i can tell you serously tried and worked on this a lot. Just listening to it i can imagine the hours it took. You deserve to be the top NG artist you are. Keep more cmin brah!

mr-jazzman responds:

Alright man, criticism accepted. However, I would point out that this is rather superficial stuff (except for the mastering...that in itself was an experiment on my part, and I've learned quite a bit from this project). Yes, it's pretty heavily-influenced dubstep, but that shouldn't mean that the average listener wouldn't like it. It just depends on your taste. And the song wasn't planned to be complex; it just sort of evolved into that. I will agree that complexity doesn't always mean it's a great song, but this song wasn't necessarily meant to match
"Reflections" in epicitude; really, I think both FiendØ and I just wanted to produce a tune that was fun to listen to for Robot Day lol...which even though it may not have fit your personal tastes, it's kind of a trip to listen to lol. Thanks for the response though. This is something to build from, because it means people expect a certain quality from me, which means I must be producing something valuable. I'm just glad that you could see the work that both FiendØ and I put into this, even though your personal tastes aren't aligned with dubstep. ;)

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