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Saint Heavy (II)

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Re-recorded with my Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz, and treated to a better production job. Vocals soon, and even a finished version!


How about that?

I think you've got yourself here a well rectified track, you put alot of time in this bad boy from all the way back like a year ago lol. But hey, I think it mostly payed off since this time around, it sounds much better.

The distortion on those guitars is cool, and I think I like them, but I'm not sure if everyone else will take such a liking to them, since they're REALLY fuzzy. I kind've like that, but it's just not going to appeal to other people though.

When one guitar becomes quiet, the still ringing guitar's buzzing is quite overpowering, that's probably the phrasing that I'm looking for. The distortion's just really powerful. Although, everything is synchornized very well, it still all sounds better from last time.

Man, you nailed that solo just like the first version, it sounds really cool, I may have been a bit wrong about that distortion, since it make that lead just wah perfectly. It has a nice tone that I think I may be looking foward to. I also liked how the lead progressively migrated and became louder, it made the impact stick.

That bass seems to either blend it's distortion really well into the rythm or it's cleaner, either way, I learned that it's tough to find good-sounding distortion for bass, and kudos to you for accomplishing that.

By the way. Those drums rock, I mean it, they sound so much better compared to last time too, I don't know what you did, but the ring out much more clearly and better sounding, the snare is a very tiny bit quiet, but it has some nice acoustics for this submission. The also sound much nicer on the crashes too.

I don't know what program you're using, but I use Riffworks T4, and sometimes either Audacity or Ableton, I reccomend Riffworks, the demo is free and good, I think you could makes some interesting submissions with it. ^_^

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GraniteOverworld responds:

Like usual, thanks for the review! I can always count on you to have an opinion on Saint Heavy! You should only have to write one more review once this song is completely done. It's gonna top out at like 6 or 7 minutes if it goes right.

But yeah, if you think the distortion is overpowering sometimes, you should hear it when it's cranked. I had the the sustain (Distortion) set at only about halfway for the rhythm and the lead. My fuzz pedal is pretty versatile in the fuzzes it can dial in.

Although I think this solo is good, I still don't like it as much as the very first time I played it. If I could have remembered exactly how the original went and polished that instead, I would adore the sound. Oh well, I still like this one better than the last version.

I don't typically distort my bass, I leave it clean so it cuts through the mix a little better instead of blending into the sludge of the guitar riffs.

The drums are much fuller because I use a lot more cymbal crashes and filled some empty space. A few examples are that between every crash there's a cymbal ride and that there's usually a pedal hi-hat holding the rhythm. Also, I used an equalizer on every individual drum part, except for the toms, which sound rubbish no matter what.

And lastly, I record with Adobe Audition, which gives a lot of production options over most free recording programs.

Anyways, thanks a lot for the feedback. I expect to finish this song soon and to record a new one as well.

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Jun 28, 2010
7:54 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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