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Epic Funk

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Author Comments

Another delicious groove for you to bob your head along with.


Pretty freakin' cool.

I like this, but i don't know why. Maybe it's the haunting, cryptic vocals, the simple-yet-perfect bass riff, maybe it's the sickeningly-sweet melody, I dunno.
This is some good stuff, I know that. The drum loops are really cool, excellent use of the hats, and the fills are well done, and the sine wave comes in and just punches me in the stomach, it almost has a hip-hop flavor to it (the sine wave, not my stomach), but that's a good thing.
Altogether, this song is catchy as hell and just plain awesome. I only wish it was longer.

Cpt-Nemo responds:

Sorry for taking so long to respond, but coincidentally I just switched the category into the Hip-Hop Modern category. When I wrote this this was totally a hip-hop track from the beginning. The sine is supposed to be similar to that whole California Hip-Hop/Dr. Dre in the 1990's feel, so that's what that is about. Oh, and the loop is all just trigger samples that I put together to make a loop, so the only thing that is loop-ish about it is the fact that it repeats. Thanks for the props! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

I am...

grooving hardcore to this track. Well done my man, well done.

What is that dude saying though? Then again, does it even matter? Great song!


Cpt-Nemo responds:

In all honesty it doesn't matter what he is saying...in fact I would rather not say since it began as a school assignment on awry, so I left the "vocals" even though they are saying something quite retarded and not the least bit funny. I'm glad you enjoy it...many of my friends seem to like it too. Oh, and thanks for the review.

[Okay, its been a long time since this review, so I'm ready to come clean and laugh at myself. The vocals are saying "All of my homies out in L.A. know I'm so fly." Now I'm going to go hide my head until all the laughing and finger pointing at me for such stupid lyrics subsides.]


This is for lack of a better word-krunk-its got a lot of cool styles. I originally thought it sounded VG, but when the funk started happenin' I thought it was a great peice of real music-notation wise. I am one who can't make melodies to well, so I appreciate good grooves when I hear 'em. The actual realnes is dampered by your choice of program-this is pruely my opinion-as the opening acoustic sounded fairly well, the rest of you synths are as generic as FL itself. And for FL drums I actually thought they sounded better than some kits I have heard on FL. I think that someone should redo the vocals for you to add that final touch. Actually have some true lyrics and match the way the choir boy is notated and modulated-that would be awesome! Honestly tho, by itself the vox is clearly the reason why you made this song. When that hits the whole peice sounds in perfect harmony and sorta feng shway with itself.

I like it alot, and if I give you a 5 on this it will prolly bump you above my submission. You deserve it tho!

Imma d/l and FIVE-STAR ya!

Keep it wildstyle!

Cpt-Nemo responds:

Well thanks. I'm am really happy that you like it...it does mean a lot to me when people give me feedback on my submissions. Yes, I did initially write the piece around the vox (read the more recent review though for a brief explanation behind it). If you have something you would like to submit to me to add to it I would love to update it because I think it sounds a little repetative and boring as it stands currently. The drums are actually purely stock FL sounds, but as you guessed, so are the synths. I actually own Reason, but I haven't used it enough to do anything well with it. I agree that FL is fairly limiting in its capabilities (especially the use of "pattern blocks" in the playlist), but this is a discussion for a different place and time. Thanks again for the listen and especially for the review!


Hey man how did ya made the voice , or where did you get it.
Funky kind of song!

Cpt-Nemo responds:

The voice was from the speech synthesizer in FL. Thanks for the review! ^_^

bad ass

omg i love it. nice freakin job. the voice kinda bugged me though.

Cpt-Nemo responds:

Actually, the voice was the inspiration for the whole song. I was messing with the choirboy speech setting and those were the notes that it came up with. That really was the whole basis of the song. I know it is kind of annoying, but I didn't know what to swap it out with. I'm glad you liked it.

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4.26 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2005
12:24 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
File Info
3.3 MB
2 min 52 sec

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