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The brother i never had

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This track is dedicated to my brother who died many many years ago. I never knew him, he was born way before me. But I think of him time to time, and wonder what life would be with him here. Would things be better than they are now? Considering im the last one, would it be me who was never born if he were? Wouldn't it be better if he was?
I think of all the things i did wrong in my life. And for what? I can't stand doing wrong, while he watches. He deserves to live.. not me..
I've been working on this piece for a long time now. And I figured i'd lay it down today. I still think of him everyday, and when i celebrate my birthday, I celebrate his too. I will try to live on for the both of us.

BTW, this instrumental IS NOT MINE(obviously). It's from Airplanes- B.O.B Ft Hayley Williams.

Thanks. Hope you all like it. I put my soul and heart in this track.

This track goes out to everybody and anybody whos lost someone that means alot to them
-Verse 1-
Have you ever had someone close
That you actually didnt know
And you loved em to death
and would do anything for them

to show em you loved them
but it wouldn't really matter
because no matter how hard u try
and no matter how hard u cry

they aren't here, and cant reply
to what you say
and can only you when you pray
and thats everyday

And everyday you wish you could switch places with this person
and give em the chance they neva had to see their mom and dad

this person was my brother
the son of my mother and father
the son who will neva have a chance of being a father
the son who neva made it alive
the brother who never lied
the one i kept
the one that rests for the rest of his life

the brother that should be alive
The one that i would die for
Because he gave his life for mine
Thats the bottom line

sometimes i wonder
What if you were here instead
would things be different and better
if i was the one dead

Why couldn't it have been me
The one to lay in decease
the one with the most love
watchin over us above

I know u feel ashamed
I can feel the same pain
our family
pointing their fingers at eachother to blame

Everyday we make promises
promises we cant keep
and it keeps coming back
its no wonder why we cant sleep

I just wish i could see
see my brother to be
be the one to protect
and be the one who never neglect

How do i carry on
Knowing things i do is wrong
Praying for forgiveness and guidance
Im trying to stay strong

You gave your life for us
Like Jesus Christ he shed his blood
You gave it all up
And we could never love you enough

Life goes on
I bust a few tears
here n there
Wishin you were here
Kickin back drinkin some beers

Im throwin it up
Im givin out cheers
Im Lookin back on all them damn lost years

REST IN PEACE my brother..
Tub tsai Yang
Died in 1979

[Chorus - Hayley Williams]
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)

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This song made me cry and remember,,,

... of my brother Christin, he would have been 4 years old this year...

I never got to know him, because he was born asleep... and when I started listening to this, it reminded me of the mistake of not going to his... funeral...

This is a wonderful song, thank you for making since a wonderful piece.



Rated and Favd :P


Emotional tracks are always the best, no matter how good they actually are. But believe me, I wouldn't lie just because this is emotional to you.

This track is great. The lyrics were very good and the flow seemed to match up perfectly. Rough recording, but I'm the last person to judge you're mic. Mine is worse than this.

You actually have rap skills, you aren't just talking a little fast, you're actually rapping. Most people are trying to rap like Lil' Wayne now-a-days, which isn't really rapping, its just talking. You, however, actually rap.

Great track.

MYDBoi responds:

I couldn't agree anymore, emotional tracks are always the best. Lol, very emotional to me. It is xDD. thanks

Man I was just so torn up thinking of my brother, and one day, wrote it down, and imprinted the lyrics into my brain, and memorized it. Finally after 2 months, I couldnt think of anything to add anymore, So "airplanes" came out, and i said, PERFECT. Lol yeah, its a 10 dollar head set mic xDD.. the ending and beginning were afterwards, and i dont know what happened.

LOL, thank you man, I try my best. And yeah, not a fan of that fake a** lil wayne. Thank you man, that means alot to me, it really does. I appreciate it^^

MYDBoi aka OxyJin

-sniffle sniffle-


5/5 10/10

MYDBoi responds:

Thank you SO much. This will always be my favorite track. I spent alot of time and effort on this one.

nice my hmong brotha

you get a new mic my nig?? sounds fuckin fresh lets collab nikka

MYDBoi responds:

Waddup homie! Thanks 4 the feedback. Nah same mic. Just tuned it better. Took awhile. Sounds good man, looking for someone to hit up a next verse. This sounds unfinished. Let me know when you got some time.

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