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Alone in space

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Well this is my first try at Ambient sound and im only doing this because i need more music for Freelancer (200+ is not enough) :P anyways tell me waht you think.

if it's any good i might make some more for ng.

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first try at ambient, huh?

pretty good. i like that sort of rewind type effect, its like you played it in reverse... is that how all ambient songs are? i dont know. but either way great job man, keep up the good work...

Maverlyn responds:

Ambient in my opinion is anything "chill" with random elements. check out DI.FM's chillout channel for the good stuff :P

what can i say?

Will you work for me?
My name is Rados%u0142aw. First of all, i would like to apalogise for all grammar and spelling error you will encounter when reading this message. English is not my native and i never had any kind of english language education - it all comes from internet, satelite TV, manga&anime, and games. But, i am trying my best to make my text readble.

So. I had been checking your music and i must say i am highly impressed.
As an artist you show quite skills and diversity.

Thats why i would like to ask you this question: will you work for me?
You see... i am in procces of creating a space sim game. And i am one-mans-team. My skills are very limited but especialy in area of music and sound effects. I do can edit them but i am not able to create my own from the scratch. And also, i hate "borrowing" other people work.

The game has no name at this point. Its about space exploration mostly. You are pilot of explorer type ship, flying in space, exploring it, discovering planets, roids fields, weird anomalies, aliens, acient relicts and artifacts.

Each and every planet is unique and personaly designed by me but with randomisation system. so each time you play diffrent planets are in diffrent spots. Moreover, the number of planets in datebase is higher then planet "spots" so each time you play you have a high possibilitie of discovering totaly new planets which you havent found in previous plays.

Theres also a nice upgrading system, starting from you ship's equipment, character planetary suit, lander vehicle, your own base which you can build at the surface of planets, or on asteroid.

Theres no trade system for the time being as i havent figured it out yet how to implement it properly. I just hate biased, plain trade system with not rule of demand.

Anyway. The game is mostly 2D, its like a mix betwen Starflight, Starcontrol, Strange Advantures in Infinite Space/Weird World + some RPG elements such as skill learning and progression.

I also need to be honest with you - obviously when credits are needed - they will be given, but this game is a garage project and theres no way i will be selling it. It'll be free to download and play. Because, you know - the roots of this project is that i wanted to make a game for -myself-. Then someone told me that i should share it with other people, especialy as theres so few of old style space sims these days.

So, Maverlyn - would you participate in this? I would be greatly honored and glad. But then again, i am aware, that artist of your skills and caliber will propable reject my proposal. This way or another, i am ready to be rejected and i will not feel offended - as i know how the life is, and how it works.
But please, think about it. I like my game, and i would like it to be well polished. Not for me - but for the players. And i am 100% possitve that with you help as my music artist we would deliver a top quality game.

Best Regards

Maverlyn responds:



I love how you are trying to make different genres of music and being a true freelance music artist having many talents in different areas of your own style,i thought you did a great job on your first try on Ambient with it's calm tranquil nature but also having a slight electrical feel too with the beats mixing up very well,the quality was great and overall i enjoyed this track very much so i hope you make more ambient songs in the future cause you did a great job on this one. =)

Maverlyn responds:

You allways make me smile :) thank you!

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Jun 27, 2010
11:55 AM EDT
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