One Winged METAL!!

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John - Bass and Guitars
Jarrod - Drums and programming, mixing

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This is so epic!!!

Dude I might be asking a little to much but do you think you could write some guitar tabs for this song and send them to tminimoney@yahoo.com if you could I would really appreciate it! by the way this is really awesome!

Dude, this is sick.

It's wicked, and it makes me want to play FFVII again and fight Sephy under this version of the song.


This song is unexpectedly more awesome that the last One Winged Angel u did :3

Surprising talent...

In a scale from 1 to ten where 1 represents Lady Gaga, and ten represents Nightwish, In flames and Slipknot, i give you 8.
This is an awesome work of talent. My best advice is to stop using Line 6 guitarport/plug your guitar into your computer/put on some digital distortion, and start using microphones on the amp. Did the trick for me.
Now, before you check my audio submissions, keep in mind that i share this account with my brother, so the only work you'll see on my account, if you even planned on checking it, were some of his fooling around on Reason.
Back to the song... In the intro, from 10 - 15, that one stroke, a phaser, or a flanger there would sound awesome. If you plan on re-doing that part, i would suggest that you use a 12 step phaser/flanger, and that one round lasts for those 5 seconds. And a little more gain on your shredding parts, maybe a little more gain? The squeals would be much more...tearing...thrusting...
Then, for the riffing, the rhythm guitar in general...If you boosted the 15K signal on an EQ, it would be awesome. Maybe some lo-cut, and a general boost around the hi-mid, but a hi-cut from 25k?
But all of what i mentioned here is how I would do it, based on my personal taste.
Now...The stop-riffs with palm muting from 0:32-0:40...some reverb? Preferably a dynamic reverb, that makes the signal lower during the actual playing, but boosts it when you stop? But i can see that you are a TRUE guitar player that relies only on the guitar, and the amp. I don't think you're a fan of effects. Considering most of this was, or sounded like a clean distortion, you did a great job.

ProjectGodMode responds:

I can't speak for John but I appreciate your input although I don't play guitar so I can't give any form of response other than thank you for taking the time to listen and review... and this following statement: The guitar playing style and articulation(s), etc. are all John's personal style and attitude and I wouldn't have it any other way. He put's himself in everything he does. I find it difficult to understand why someone would suggest a different way to play when it comes to this sort of thing and I would be almost offended but I know you don't mean to be rude in any way. He does what he can with what he has and does it better than anyone I've ever met, hands down. I do appreciate your input because, clearly, you know what you're talking about so let me be clear on this; my angry replies are to ignorant people who don't know a musical note from a fart and that I'm saying thank you for not being one of those people so there is no need for you to be defensive.

Never was much a metal fan personally...

I don't really listen to heavy metal. Not entirely my type of music.

But I bet you're asking, "what's that suppose to mean?" It just shows how much attention this is attracting for those who don't listen to the genre.

I gotta say, the original Advent Children version of this song could do without the orchestral parts depending on the segments of the song. What you did here is exactly that. Not that the orchestral parts were bad, but that the heavy metal parts of it seemed to overpower it.

So what about your version? I gotta say, it still captures the essence of the original while being a whole complete genre of music rather than two that tried to fuse together while one overpowered the other.

I will have to say that the vocals should've been clearer, either they should've been higher in pitch or louder so that you could hear it along with the insturmentals. The omen part is practically the main melody of the whole song no matter what genre you take on it, but it got overpowered by the guitars. That is what I felt set back your score.

All in all, from a non-metal fan to a metal one, this is a really great song.

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Jun 25, 2010
10:15 PM EDT
Video Game
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