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This Is War

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Initially called Act Of War, I asked Supersteph to give me a hand with a song to make it sound more professional, just like he did with one of my favorite submissions, A New Life.

After working hard on it over the course of a week or so, with my advice and driven by his own imagination, this is his arrangement of it using East/West Symphony samples. He added a lot of stuff the original didn't have (brass instruments, some breaks, real bitchin' drums, etc).

Kudos to him. Check out his gallery at (remove spaces):

h ttp://super steph54.newgr ounds.com

All reviews and votes are appreciated.


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Holey shit :D_

diggin the track bro :)

perfect except one thing.

The ending...it just fades away....this isnt good for a song like this...needs to end on some sort of note not a fade. but that is something minor so i will give a 10. this is truly hard to do and you are great at it. 10/10

GronmonSE responds:

Yeah, I keep getting with outros to be honest. I probably should do that though.


Holy SHIT!

WOW. I can just say, 25 seconds into the song, I'm already blown away. I expect solely a classical song. I was pretty "okay, this should be good." Then the drums come in and i'm sitting here like "WHOAAAAA ORGASM?!"

I love how the triangles come in right before the beat kicks up epically, and everything just picks up all at once. It's almost overwhelming, but 80% in a good way. And the breakdown around 1:21? So superb. Once that goes by, the outro leaves such a strong impression on the listener. HOWEVER.

The fade-out. I do believe that completely ruins the original impression left prior to that section. I think it's innovative, but my personal opinion would be that if you ever change this up, make the outro memorable and huge. You build up such an AMAZING song at the beginning and throughout, and then you get this anticlimactic "huh? it just fades?" at the end. So I'm really really pleased with this song, I think you and Supersteph(?) did a great job of this collab (assuming it's a collab), but the end should give closure to the song, not leave it open ended. At least, that's the way I see it. It's kind of a hit or miss with that whole thing; a lot of people might actually think that's a great ending. It felt rather abrupt in my opinion, is all.

Overall i was indecisive as to whether or not to give you a 7 or an 8. I would've given you a 9 or a 10, but the ending was really disappointing honestly.

I ended up with a 7. Great work overall, outro significantly disappointing.

GronmonSE responds:

Oh hey, you came out of nowhere lol.

Yeah, lots of people have disliked the simple ending. I could have expanded on it but I don't know what happened, it's like my brain shuts down. Didn't think so many people would be bothered by it though.

Thanks for the great review and for checking out my song :) I think "New Life v2" might interest you if you liked this. No pressure though!


This is a pretty neat song, great atmosphere and energy all around.

Now time for the nitpicking.

The big thing I noticed was the drums. They sound pretty dry and flat, especially with the kick and snare. The kick needed a bit more umph with probably some low freqs, and the snare seemed like the wrong sample to use, it needed more "snap" in the sound. Some of the grooves didn't seem to flow either. I think if you went with more orchestral drum samples, this would have been much more effective in the intensity.

Overall, this is a nice song, some pretty neat riffs especially in the strings. Well done.

GronmonSE responds:

I'll be sure to tell Supersteph about the drums then, he worked on them. I think we've done two songs with rock drum samples. Should probably try orchestral samples next time.

Thanks :)

Very nice!

This piece is pretty awesome! I will review the whole thing. I have a pretty good idea of what you did and what Supersteph contributed, but it is easier to look at the piece as a whole. Nice texture, good sustained momentum, good build! Now for the review. :-D

Alright, mixing is important, and something to work on. The piece came off as a little disjointed, and most of that was because the levels on your instruments were a little off. Mixing is a tough thing to learn, but it will come with practice. Here is a good example: when the double bass section comes in at the beginning, it grabs the listeners attention, and when the cymbal comes in, you get all excited for what comes next. You expect something like what happens at about 1:00, but instead, you get this kinda quiet piano. I love the piano, but it throws the build off a little because it is so quiet, and the cymbal is so loud.

Now for the melody. Being able to write a good melody is essential, and it is very hard to teach. You seem to have a good melodic sense, but you might want to focus a little more on form. First, you seem to want to keep it changing all the time, and to have every instrument playing as much as possible, at least towards the end. This is a habit that is very common, but makes for muddy music. There is nothing wrong with a melody that repeats itself a number of times. Actually, it is usually suggested. Don't worry, we won't get bored. For instance, from about :58 to 1:40 or so, the marcato strings play something like 5-6 themes, one after another. This is just confusing, because we can't figure out what you are getting at. One or two themes would have worked just fine. You'll get a better sense of this eventually though.

Alright, now the instrumentation. Good job! I like your choice of instruments, although I think it is a little odd to have the only non-orchestral instrument be the drums. Not bad necessarily, just something to think about. They were very effective though. You had good use of the sections up until the main theme came in, at which point it might have been beneficial to share the themes with some other sections.

Overall, I really like the piece! I really only review things that I think have some major potential. You're doing well! And you can take all of this advice with a grain of salt if you want. You're the artist, do what feels natural to you. If you have any questions or want anything from me, feel free to shoot me a pm at any time. Again, great job, both of you!

5/5, 9/10

GronmonSE responds:

Mixing is super hard indeed. Most of the volumes were adjusted by Supersteph I think. He threw the piano all the way to the back, whereas I prefer it on the front, where you can actually hear the melodies and progressions.

Most of my other songs are very repetitive when it comes to melodies. I wanted it to change after every section to keep the listener interested, but I see where you're coming from.

Drums...well...I used another guy's loop for the original song, the drums on this one were programmed by Supersteph :P

Your advice is super helpful and I wasn't expecting a review from you, much less a lengthy one. I'll hit you up if I need assistance, thanks!

Your music is amazing by the way.

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Jun 25, 2010
10:54 AM EDT
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