NGRBC R2 - Jirohbomb

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That's what you're thinking, and no you're not wrong.
I never heard of you until your last song.
And that shit was whack as fuck, how the fuck are you a Bomb?/

So now that's brought up, I'm like a bomb squad.
Cuz I'ma disable your vocals cords when I pull your cards.
You're named after God, that don't make you better.
Plus I'm Agnostic, so that fact don't even matter./

If you didn't spend your last track on teaching how to rap
Instead of you actually rapping, then you wouldn't be whack.
But instead, you bored the populace with that nonsense.
So now I gotta go extra hard when I drop this./

Just to make this battle even worth watching.
Because knowing you, your dumb ass gonna go off topic.
When people hear Spawn, they pay homage.
But when they hear you, they want the track to stop quick./

I'm not just saying that, because this is actual fact.
I showed n***as your flow, and they said you were whack.
Then they also asked why am I wasting my time?
I told them, "Yo, don't worry, I ain't wasting my lines./

This kid thinks he's good, so I gotta show him
That he's trash in the booth, just so he would know this.
I'm battling in some competition, he was in the ladder.
My last battle was more challenging, and he didn't battle."/

No joke, how are you more whack than nonexsistance?
Because that's your career, which is also on your wish list.
I could be a pinata, and you still couldn't hit this
Without a blindfold, because your flow is a gimmick./

I never met a dude who repeats himself in the same verse.
You gotta be stupid as fuck if you think you ain't worse.
Spawn'll spit some shit that'll make your brain burst.
I come to raw on the mic when I recite and spray words./

You sound like the dude who sings, "Show me your genitals."
Cuz you review positive don't mean I'm a friend to you.
Your arrogance keeps you alive, so I'm the end of you.
Mad at the world cuz it's yourself that's apprehending you./

Yeah, this is practically a response of a verse.
That wasn't even my battle, so I did do you dirt.
Just to show how easily I could defeat emcees
With their own words, Cuz I be the C/

Y - R- E - Z, Cyrez leave you lifeless.
I should go to your house and fuckin leave you micless.
Just because you have this fuckin sick rhymer's mindset
Minus the sick rhymer's rhymes and plus less rhyming./

Your punchlines are garbage, generic is an understatement.
Don't act as if the Door of Skill closed, and you got your leg in.
That shit snapped in half because you couldn't take it.
What I'm implying is that you lack the brain power to even/

Make it. Spawn's words leave you shakin.
I smoke more chumps than blunts with Jamaicans. Wanna front,
Get stumped, verbal gun leave you aching. I'm out of patience.
Call my ass a burgular the way I throw a break in./

Rapping on my beats about your shitty life.
And how you turned to God, why the fuck you have a mic?
Only reason why people would listen to your EP
Is because of one song, because the beat was by me./

Your fire freestyles leave me cold and sober.
Next time you ask for a beat, I'll give the cold shoulder.
Game over, you lost, just stop rapping.
A future for you with Hip-Hop is just not happening./

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not as good as expected

so you are still bore of music hence the bad mic eq right... and I somehow have a feeling that this is like a test, you get top scores although the vocals are not as near as on point as on other track I heard by you. I mean... fuck its not like you are totally off but at some points I was wondering if you really take it serious this time. this is the fourth track successively that I dont like, srsly man. sorry for that but I pass on this one

war-spawn responds:

Rockband mic. kgo


Son... why...

and i

still think this was wayy unnecessary lol


Too easy Spawn. It doesn't matter what this guy submits, you already got this. Good luck for the rest of the contest!

- P.

Very nice!


War-Spawn the bomb technician.

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4.43 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2010
10:44 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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