[Dud] Journey

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XayberOptix has offered to write an accompaniment to this piece with his orchestration skills and I'm really stunned what he achieved :O. Go and hear it for yourself!

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/385670

Hi everyone!

I'm hereby presenting my newest work :D!

I won't go into details this time, but the one big cause for my delay was the huge waiting list for piano tuning^^.

Every time I play this song a film starts running in my head ;).
And the plot of this film goes something like this:

[00:00] - [01:02]:
A man is bored with his life and decides to go on a journey.
He packs all things he needs, grabs his hat and staff and starts walking towards west.

[01:02] - [02:35]:
He experiences a lot of things:
Big cities, beautiful landscapes, high mountains, he meets interesting people, hears outragous stories,... but he wants to do more.

[02:36] - [03:05]:
He wants to sail somewhere! So he heads for the nearest port and asks for a cheap ride on a ship.
In the end he's allowed to travel on a cargo ship heading south.

[03:06] - [03:31]:
He sits down and thinks about what he's done so far and was proud of himself.
He relaxes on board from his long wanderings.

[03:32] - [03:57]:
But suddenly the sky gets sinisterly dark. And darker, and darker.....

FLASH and a loud Thunder afterwards.

And a nother one!

[04:12] - [04:42]:
The wind gets stronger.
The crew is nervous, they secure everything on board.

[04:43] - [05:06]:
Everyone waits for the storm to come......

[05:07] - [05:53]:
And the storm hits with full force!
Extremly high and dangerous waves swash over the deck, the wind is unnaturally strong, no one dares to move out. The ships tilt is enormous, on the edge of flipping over.
Everyone is in fear!
They hope and pray to see the next morning.

[05:54] - [06:53]:
The storm subsides and the sun breaks through.
Everyone is glad to be alive but the ship is a scene of destrucion and they need to head back where they came from.
Our adventurous man has no objection since the storm really frightend him.

[06:54] - [07:22]:
He sets his foot on steady ground and is really glad to be alive.
He quickly walks into the city to recover from this frightening event.

[07:23] - [07:45]:
Now he has a great story to tell and everyone listen to him with tension. He enjoys being in the spotlight for a short period of time and after some days he decides to head back home.
Arriving at home everyone gives him a warm welcome and he tells them everything he has encountered.

[07:46] - [08:36]:
After some rest he is really happy to be back.
But these feelings he had during his journey, all the things he has seen, everyone he has met, he will never forget.
And perhaps he will go on another journey in some time.

I hope you liked it :)!
If so, leave me some words please :)!


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Very nice!

I very like this piece, friend of my really want to play this himself. Is there any chance for sharing notes for this song? One more time, you've done very good job on this. Cheers ;)

Ps: Oh... and I used fragment on my animation "another pointless blender animation" on YT or Vimeo
Many thanks for sharing this great piece of art on CC licence ;)

Dudidum responds:

Thanks for those nice compliments :D!
I only have incomplete notes for this one as I started some time ago but I forgot to finish^^.
I'll try to finish it no later than the end of the month (I hope this is no internet promise^^).
PM me your email adress whenever you can, so I'm able to send you or your friend the finished sheet music.

I also want to thank you for using my music in one of your youtube videos.
I found the rendering quite imaginative :D and I love multiple reflections on objects ^^ (although they take long to render in proper quality^^).
Well done on that one ;)!

Thanks for your review!



I can't stop listening to this song....

Dudidum responds:

:D Good to hear!

Thanks for the review!


It could be...

It could also be my story. Beautiful.

Dudidum responds:

:) telling stories is what my music should do :).
Glad you liked it ;).

Thanks for the review!



if it is posible can i make a movie with this plz ill give you the link when i uploud it. ill be waiting for your anser.the music is very beutifle as well any would love to make something that will probaly make it so other poeple will listen to it more plus me and my sis was wanting to make a movie for a long time and i but the movie that we will make is like in a city music.

her brother jake aelitalover1 is my sister

Dudidum responds:

Glad you liked it :)!

I think there's no problem in using my music, just credit me and everything's fine :).
When your movie is finished let me know :D!

Thanks for your review!


no words

this has so many deep emotion in it - you have a big potential:)! You are surely capable of great intense thoughts and feelings:) I hope to hear more from you :)

Dudidum responds:

Thanks :D!
You're definitely going to hear more from me, no worries :)

Thanks for the review!


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