({AA}) The End

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A road stretching out in a neverending view . Skies empty of wishes, ground erasing, and growing repeatly .
Life's edges has devoured you, and you stand upon the cliff of decisions .. Lightning strikes around you, a world revealing itself to your decision ..
To float on the emptyness of this world, and be forgotten .. You jump, and dive into this place,
as you have flashbacks of your memories, friends, past, and even the future .. That is shown through a book of pages .. Subliminaly sending you your life before your eyes ..
Causing this dark world to collapse, as you wake back in reality..
Experiencing the effect when you are lost, then found again . .
- -
''I Bring You Mental Redemption''

- -
This WILL be the opening for KKSlider's upcoming album . I am satisfied, even if you guys aren't . My songs are merely stories, they have more concept then just music .
I have only been composing music for about 27 days now . So far, out of many of you . Only a few were able to read the languages I conveyed through my mind's whispers .
My dream is to achieve what seems to be impossible, to have people accept difference .. I am never going to give up . Music is my life . .
- -
- Aphotic Athanasy -


Oh, the chords! :D

This song makes me very happy, and at peace. Yet, it sounds so lonely, reflective, like death, only a happier picture. I like very much.

Your song is a brave on

I guess what im trying to say is that the song like a song that covers up the fears hidden inside . Well thats how I think of it as but anyway I wanted to ask you something . In KKSlider's Anthem you said that you made the song in 30 seconds who was the friend that watched you what is his name . sorry to ask i just want to know . And it is amazing you made that song in that much time rock on bro and dont stop

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AphoticAthanasy responds:

Lol . My friend in real life . He goes by the name Brandon . He doesn't go on Newgrounds =P . Don't feel bad to ask man . Asking is part of the preliminary aspects of life . Glad you like my songs, really ^^ . I draw art too . All my pictures, music, poems, words is all done by me .. I have no musical training, I have no musical background .. Nothing . It all came to me naturally, believe it or not . =P

The End

Very emotional ambient piece AA. I think youre getting better with each submission. Not bad for 27 days, he ?
I've been making/playing music for 17 years and I'm quite excited to see what the future holds for you. esp the next couple of years. There's nothing more paramount than the first few steps a muso/artist takes in his/her devotion to music.
Keep on going...

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AphoticAthanasy responds:

I will . I will keep going, no matter what . No matter if there is a cave full of lava, or a hill higher than Mount Everest . My perserverence will shed through any darkness that imposes me . ^_^ Thankyou for such a great review, and it's hidden message connotations .
- Aphotic Athanasy -


For our album it is truly a great opener, it completely sets the mood of the whole CD. Needless to say that I like it, no... love it. :D
One of your finest pieces indeed,

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AphoticAthanasy responds:

I humbly thank you for your great, and amazing review of my inclining perserverence. I am honored to have participated in your album bro . Indeed .
({Aphotic Athanasy})

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Jun 18, 2010
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