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The title speaks for it self. Its a robot love story. It has love(of course), comedy and action. Yep if your creative you can fit a fight scene in it!

I spend a lot of time making this one. Its kind of repetitive I have tried to give it variation. So don't say I didn't try!! Never the less its still a decent score to groove on to ;)

First you start in a robot like park with two robot couples. Just minding there own business. When suddenly they get attacked by this evil robot. One of the pairs get's captured while the other fights the evil machine with all his might! Then after a epic battle and some cool transformations he defeats the Evil robot and they go back home and live happily ever after. Or they divorce after a year or two. You decide ;)

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this is pretty awesome man

YouriX responds:

Thanks buddy :)


its like its saying:dnt let some evil robot ruin your day ;). i love it-5 stars 10\10

YouriX responds:

Aaah robot love you can feel in the air :)
Thank you for the wonderfull review!


I represent a lable called Westworld Recordings and we would be very interested in using some of your tracks man.
Hit me up on my ng page if you r interested.

YouriX responds:

Cool i'll contact you ;)


Ooh I love that high synth in the bg - what is it? It does sound very cool - this song :)

piano is a nice addition - Icould see this with a little more complicated drum pattern - but it's exactly what I pictured to come in :) - some constant hihats would benefit the drums - I find your progressions are a bit.. unsure though.. feels a bit dischordant that way - almost liek you weren't sure of the direction and sort of just added as you went.. I think some harmony to the composition is needed - not a bad experiment though! :)

What did you make this in btw? If you made in in fl studio or reason - toss it on over and I'll have a poke at it :P - like F-777's "from a distant gaze" this has potential to be a HUGELY popular and beautiful song - with the right tweaking :)


YouriX responds:

Wow! I was very insecure about this song to be honest hence the reason you could sence that i was unsure with what i was doing. The high synth is probly a nexus preset pretty unknow and unused. But like you said i like experimenting! :)

The FL studio file is probly in my old computer so tommorow i will take a look and upload it on mediafire so you can go all monkey balls on it XD


There are stars everywhere. Green ones, red ones, and bright yellow ones. A man sits upon one of these magnificent beauties, tinkering at some sort of gadget. Its pipes and gears dig dep into the center of the star, its wires illuminating with a fierce white glow. The man presses a button and the star begins shaking. It rises in the air a bit, tilts back, front, then zooms off into the north of the field of wild stars.

He zooms across the particle paradise and makes his way for a white mist of planents, far away. The stars behind him think to a microscopic glow. Everything is silent, except for the irradiated illuminosity of the one star. He plows over comets as they shoot through the darkness. He spins in the air without any sort of care in the world he is in. His only focus is to simply touch one of the white orbs he sees ahead.

The white dust begins to grow larger, and soon form into tiny marbles. Finally, large planets can be seen. He spots a green one, and head for it. Jumping off the star, he spirals downwards onto the planets surface and lands on a large green tree. He looks up, to see the small star galaxy from which he came from. This is his new home now.

(((I liked the heavy happy techno synths you used here. Personally they arent my taste, but this was a fine listen. I enjoyed the combination of synths and pads you used.)))

YouriX responds:

Thanks for the story! You had in a creepy way a similiar idea as i did about this song when i thinked up a story for it! XD Pretty cool! And thanks for the small review also!

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Jun 16, 2010
7:39 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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