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I Hate Tuesdays Motherfuckers

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Author Comments

Woke up this morning and it was fucking Tuesday, again. At least I woke up.
Decided to write another edition of a Tuesday hating song.
I didn't spend much time on much here...and there is still room for some verses if anyone wants to throwdown some aggression there. This is not meant to be understood lyrically...its just a big fucking clusterfuck of aggression.
Fuck I hate Tuesdays.

This is where the day began
elusive as a dying fool
Best of luck unfolds this day
The Walls will tumble too

Take this time to realize
this tuesday starts again
Bringing all that sucks with it
O when will it end.

I hate Tuesdays and some random shit

The day began like any other
Wrapped in awesomeness
The bubble popped when pricked by life
To ruin all this bliss

Look outside, can you see or did you
Start your Tuesday Blind
Beneath your skin your body aches
Now there is no time

Fell the hatred settling in
About to crash this day
But thats ok it ends tomorrow
Just not today

Some random shit about Tuesday.




Amazing Song Dude

I Hate Tuesdays too lol

Stay Metal,


effing epic!

A shittier day followed by a shit day lol

i lol'd at the title

to be honest, i don't care for the weekdays in general.....they can all go suck a D*&K. but anywhooo...this song is epic in all shapes and forms. very awesome for some random shit dude. you never seem to fail at what you do man. good job mofo!

I agree, Tuesdays suck.

Except that, I have my lessons on Tuesdays, that's really just about it. I'm guessing that your Tuesday this week must've just been horendous, sorry dude. But, hey, at least your suckish Tuesday spawned something productive, like this song, right?

Well, you really kicked your guitar in the arse today, you really ripped out some punching riffs, I'd say I'm proud, but I really never contributed to your riffs lol, so nevermind that. I can't tell exactly what they are, if they're death, thrash, or what, but all's I know is that they're heavily in your face, PISSED about Tuesday.

And then we have those harmonics too, at least you never neglected those, but some of this reminds me of Dimora's challenge to make a song that somehow didn't care. You seemed to capture an essence like this, not only for the guitar tracks, but also for the others too.

It feels like you want to lash out getting to the Tuesday causing all the problems, but there's crowds restraining you, but when this song plays, you can just toss them all aside. But, hey, that's more of an opinion.

I can't exacly hear that bass in there, but it does decide to peak out in some parts. I think maybe I don't hear it since it's actually melding really well with the rythm guitar to make that earth-moving, trembling tone? I think so.

Those drums are Bad-Man standard, really ferocious kick, but everything else just moves at just about normal speed, but again, I don't hear quite any fills here, but that's fine, since Bad-Man's so cool, that he doesn't even need fills to make his songs have all that impact. XD

Well, here's probably the most tense part, the vocals. I wasn't sure of the intro when I heard it, but I knew to give you some time, and then you got some fricking NUTSO screaming/shouting going on here, which is what I commend in regards for vocals in metal.

I'm concerned about the part after you are done speaking elligeble lyrics, since I have no idea what you're saying. O_o Actually nevermind, there's plenty more people that need more therapy than you my good man. I think I should play this song whenever I'm having a bad Tuesday. \m/ Remember, eff Tuesdays.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Dude, you made my Tuesday. <3

Unholy Agreeing-ness

Tuesday fucking swallowed donkey balls. And it will continue to do so until the very end of time. Luckily this song kicks ass. I still like pretty much all of your vocal styles :P

I wanna hear the guitar more man, you had whipped out some nice harmonics n' shit there. Try lifting 'em up, same goes for the vocals, currently the drums overpower quite alot.

Rock the fuck out. Fived - 4.27 / 5.00 (+ 0.12).

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks bro. Give er another listen. I didn't have much time to muck around as I just felt like doing it quickly today. Good to see you around dude. :) Thanks again.

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Jun 15, 2010
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Heavy Metal
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