NGRBC R1 - KillBillVolume2

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Ayo Billy, you don't really need to run for the hills.
With mutual respect, I still kill with a ton of skills.
N***as feel my shit, so how you expect to win?
Only way you're the predator here is cuz the size of yo chin./
It's so lovely cuz now the flow gets so ugly.
There's nothing in this world that Spawn can't damage.
You'll begin to grow pale, you'll look transparant./
Bring a noose just to hang around with the clique, son.
You couldn't grasp my concept if you were made of friction.
I brought that real sound in this game of fiction.
You haven't had a clue what to do, or what's missing./
So listen to the words I speak upon all you pawns.
You can't see Spawn even if you had my picture drawn
In ya face, a closed case with no trace.
Then you couldn't catch a scent when I nose break./
I'll shatter your borough cuz I'm thorough with the verbal.
I'm one obstacle your bulky ass just can't hurdle.
Burn you with different lynguistics. Cuz knowing you
You'll die from the lyrics that I'm sick with, ya bitch kid./
I rip shit, you only rip the half of it. Now watch me
Pull the whack rapper out the box like a magic trick.
You already know I'm not some weak kid you're battling.
I'm savage with the rappin, that's the life of Paterson./

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#IgnoreTheHaters! *Glares at Stikeboy22, and Lejin*
Nice job, as usual.
There could be minor improvements here and there, your lyrics could be enunciated slightly more, and it could be cleaner overall. Aside from that, however, it's a solid song.
4/5, for sure :D

not good

once again you are still mumbling again come on man go back to rehab man and besides lejin is better than other rappers and he does not mumble. you are still horrible once again.

war-spawn responds:

yo. why u mad tho?

Lol Nice

Yooo ... "You couldn't grasp my concept if you were made of friction." Was OVERKILL... Shiiit

BTW, Lejin, what level is your Grand Fantasia toon now days? *snicker*

war-spawn responds:

OVER 9000!!!!!!

wow this was trash! LOL!!!

Mumbles you flop again? 3 years of FLOPPING! WOW!!! Maybe with some practice youll get better? woah no wait.... i almost forgot who im talking to. MumblePAWN XD


the truth huts, POP A PAINPILL!! GYEAH!!!

- Mr. Big Bad Lejin (Hip Hop NG's#1 Artist)
- Almighty Records (2010)
~Facts Kill Frauds~

war-spawn responds:

Says the man who's been recycling lines since '07.


Lyrics/punchlines (includes how personal they are) 12/15 The predator line was great.
Delivery 6/8 - without the lyrics posted, I wouldn't have caught some words
Style (includes flow) 5\7- I've already heard Aesop kill this beat, even though you killed it, I gotta knock ya on it. Can't you make beats?


war-spawn responds:

I can, I just don't feel like rapping on em.

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3.88 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2010
11:04 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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