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Under the Stars

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Here's another sad ambient song.

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This is just the perfect song for some background music. I can't see how this hasn't been used in a game before.
I think this mainly because I think it sounds really well. It is indeed very calming, and all the small, crystal sounds in it make it complete.

Not just those sounds, but also the trumpet are my favorite part of this song. It just fits very well.

Great job on the very quiet part in the middle too. I recently read that one of the characteristics of ambient music is a small pause in the middle. Nice to hear that in this song too.

And I don't know how you can make six minutes with very slow music not boring, but you did it. Well done.

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ChineseCommando responds:

Thanks for the review!

Very nice

I like this song. There are various instruments mixed together, but they all go along togther very fine. I like how the background melody stays almost the same throughout the song without getting annoying. Instead, it creates a very mellow atmosphere.

The saxophone/trumpet at around 2 minutes plays a tune that reminds me a bit of L.A. Noire, heh.
But still, I wouldn't call this track "sad". It has a very relaxing effect on me, but I don't feel sad when listening to this song.

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ChineseCommando responds:

Haha, it was a trumpet. And yeah, I suppose it's not exactly sad while it's not exactly happy either. Thanks for the review!

Glad to be reviewing another one of your songs..

This song is great. It really does a good job of being ambient while still avoiding being repetative or boring. The progression and variation in instruments really helps that.

One of the best things here (IMO) is the violin. It just has an amazing melody and that upwardpitch shift... I love it! The trumpet is pretty cool as well. Also, how did you add the "scratchy" sounds to the violin?

Honestly, I can't think of much (or anything, really) negative to say and I already mentioned the best parts (again, IMO), so I'll just leave you myscore and be on my way. Good song.

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Also, I like the ending.

ChineseCommando responds:

Haha, that "violin" is actually an erhu, a Chinese two-stringed instrument and the scratchy sound comes with it. The erhu solo was a loop, as was everything else in the song, because--as mentioned below--this was before I upgraded my program to include new and better synths, so making loops was all I could do. Thanks for the review!

So calm and serene

This piece feels rather calm and almost as if you were exploring a dark past of yours and seeing how you went from having a best friend to feeling like everything is working against you. You wield your customized swords looking toward the night sky as you feel a rain drop on your cheek and wonder where things took such a dramatic turn for you. You look forward and hope that maybe you'll have a friend again who cares but until then you aim to keep the city safe. Wonderful tune. I like it.

The guitar sounds really clean and I like how it gives me a feel as if I might be playing Silent Hill and just looking for a way to survive in that world where nightmares suddenly become a very real reality for you. The violin makes you feel calmed and as if for a moment maybe you can relax before going back to helping the city.

The beeping up and down synth has a nice touch as it gives that feel of you just roaming at night and feeling happy even though you are alone. The piano is beautiful and I love how it sounds. The drums are calming and I notice a smooth rhythm as it keeps the song going and feeling happy at the same time.

Overall, this is a beautiful ambient piece. I like it!!

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ChineseCommando responds:

Thanks for your review!


Not perfect, because it's hard to achieve a level of perfection on the ambient sound scale, but this was damn close. The sounds start out nice and slow, which is perfect, and then the build and instruments used are such a welcome sound at the right parts of the song. The trumpet? was one of the best parts, honestly. When it slows down near the middle it's almost as if a story is being told and built into another sequence. This really reminded me of a SimCity style track. Very, very impressive work.

Best part about this track? It's not so repetitive that the length makes a difference. It changes often enough that the length doesn't become an issue. The slowdown at the ending makes this one of the rare times where a loop isn't needed for an ambient sound.

ChineseCommando responds:

Haha, thanks for the review! Yeah, that was a trumpet. Ironically enough, this whole song was made from loops because this was before I upgraded my program (which had an all too limited synthesizer before upgrade), so most of my songs before August 2010 are all or mostly loops.

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Jun 14, 2010
9:44 PM EDT
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