TiGeR - Altocumulus

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Imagine flying through the clouds at 10 000km/hour. Maybe this is what it would sound like? :D



EDIT: WOW! NUMBER ONE ON THE TOP 30 LIST?! I seriously did not expect this O_O. Thanks everyone for your support and nice reviews <3


This is awesome!!

This really does give me the feel of flying through the air...although 10,000km/hour sounds a bit fast lol. But anywhos great job!!!! 10/10 5/5

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TiGeR responds:

Thank you for the review! Nothing's too fast for this song ;)


Not too bad

TiGeR, I've liked always had an inclination to like your music. Your drumwork in this song is phenomenal, I gotta give you that, and very much of DnB nature...actually more a combo of DnB and glitch, which is nice. The melody and everything is quite catchy, and this is what I love most about this song. Props on the piano work at the end too. ;) I will say, though, that there are a few things that could use improvement. As I'm making a DnB/Dubstep combo song at the moment, I think I can give you some pointers that could really help you out for the future. First, I want to comment on the synths: While they are good raw, there's a hell of a lot more that you could do with them that you haven't even tapped yet. I'd recommend playing with some reverb and a little bit of delay effects, especially on your main detuned square lead. Second, the snare and the kick didn't come out enough in the mix, and I think this is because of the method you layered them in. With my kit, I usually like to layer the electronica kit with some live/real/organic drum samples (this will give you that heavy, beefy feel that Pendulum has...and even if you don't like Pendulum, you gotta admit they know how to get their drums to stick out in the mix). I'm not entirely sure how much compression you used, and where, but I can tell you one thing that helped me out was sidechaining; once you figure out how to sidechain things so that they stick out better in the mix, your song begins to sound elite...and I'm not talking just a little...like legitly elite. One other thing that I believe needs a little work are your drops. I feel that there isn't enough anticipation with them, even with all of the effects that you added. One way that you can do this is gradually build up your drumwork as opposed to showing us a grand drumpiece that would better be used elsewhere.

But, man, I gotta tell ya, this is a fantastic song. Very moving and powerful. It's akin to any epic song that you'll hear here on NG. I believe it deserves its slot at the top man just based on its pure inspiration, despite the improvements I mentioned above. Beautiful work, and I hope you continue to create more pieces like this! =)

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep/metalstep/drumstep/DnB producer (currently, to say the least =P),

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TiGeR responds:

Thanks for a great review! First of all I've gotta say Reflections is one of my favourite songs in the AP, you did an amazing job with it ;D!

Actually, about the synths: the BG synths are heavily reverbed (at least as I recall...) but about the leadsynth kicking in at 02:34, gotta agree it's a little to simple in that manner. The leadsynth was basically the last thing I added before finally mixing the stuff and submitting it onto Newgrounds, so it's possible that I rushed it at the end for the sake of finishing the song :S.

About the drums... you won't believe how much trouble I have with them (along with the bass). Either the bass kills the drums, or it's the other way around. In this song I think I got a pretty even sound. However, as you say it still might not be powerful enough. I tried to but some EQs and compression onto the drums to make them sound way more powerful, but in the meantime they kinda wobbled up the rest of the sounds. Help me please, I have no idea how to do this correctly >_< I guess I'm more the creative composer than the mixing one lol :D. But if you could email me some more tips on the mixing part, I'd be very grateful!

So yeah, I'd say this is possibly the best review I've ever gotten, so thank you very much!

And... just a fun fact: the piano part at the ending that you mentioned... actually that was the first thing I created in this song. For some reason I felt like "hey, this should be the epic ending of an ambient DnB song", so yeah I started working from the piano part and long story short, this is what it ended up to be ^^.



I haven't listened to much drum n bass, but you seem to have a talent for it. Keep up the good work, yo.

P.S. This sounds kinda like video game music. Which in no way detracts from its awesomeness.

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TiGeR responds:

Thanks for your kind review. I often try to give my songs a videogamish feel, I don't know why, I guess it's just my style :)!

Thanks again and stay tuned for more songs in the future!




TiGeR responds:

Thank you ^_^, stay tuned for more songs in the future!


10 000km/hour would get harder beats

but i like your song =)

TiGeR responds:

Anything harder would be the speed of light O_O

but still, thank you very much for the review :)!


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Jun 12, 2010
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