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TiGeR - Altocumulus

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Imagine flying through the clouds at 10 000km/hour. Maybe this is what it would sound like? :D



EDIT: WOW! NUMBER ONE ON THE TOP 30 LIST?! I seriously did not expect this O_O. Thanks everyone for your support and nice reviews <3

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One of my favorite songs on Newgrounds. Seriously, so sad to see that you aren't making more stuff, but I understand that life can get in the way. I also miss talking to ya about music n' stuff.

Honestly, I want to say how mind-blown I was when you sent me the Reason file to this, my computer could barely handle the project lol!

This piece will become only more and more nostalgic as the years pass. A true masterpiece in my opinion.

I'm in love with those pad sounds, they are truly out of this world. And then the drums slowly fade in. When the bassline hits, it just gives me this rush. Like I'm going 10 000 km/hour, like you said.
And that second melody just sticks with you, it has that very melancholic feel to it.
Also the basslines you write are so smooth and well put together. The way you end the piece, with the sudden piano part, it just leaves this impression behind .. idk how to describe it. It's really out of this world.

This is the only song I've ever seen with more downloads than total plays. That's an accomplishment in itself, LMAO

I was so happy for the first 1:10. The sound that came in under the first synth distracted. It didn't add anything and it wasn't clear. The square lead was too loud, I agree with the previous reviewer, and I didn't like the melody line as much.

I would say that it started off like a ball of flame and then petered out toward the end. If you put as much energy into the accompaniment as in that first drop, it'd be fantastic.

Well That Was Trippy

I've got a new way of deciding if a song's good or not. Open my window, turn up the speakers and see what the people of Stockton, England think. They quite liked it. HOWEVER, I do have some issues with it.

The fade out at 1:12 seems too sudden, there was hardly any transition. If you opened this up a bit not only would you increase the length of the song but it'd just sound better.

The glitch at 1:55 was great but, again, if you lengthened it out and made it more rhythmic then I think it'd work better.

I really love the mane leads you have going here (2:30). They complement each other very well, but I think you have some mastering issues. The second lead (sounds like a square) may need to be turned down a bit. Sounds like it's drowning everything else out.

Everything else works great. The outro's brilliant and a good way to end things

Overall, Ima giving this 8/10, it's great but still needs work. 5/5 because all publicity is good publicity. ^^

Have fun;

TiGeR responds:

Hey J3envolio!

LOL, you exposed my song like that? Awesome haha xD. Please do so with the other tracks of mine aswell ;)!

And while I see what you mean, most of these things you mention I already looked into and thanks to it I have learned what I should and shouldn't do in future songs (keep in mind this one's uploaded almost a year ago :P. I barely gave this song any mixing or mastering whatsoever, which I since then have learned is very important!). Still, thanks a lot for taking interest and giving critics, they're always welcome!




Like the Halo Reach medal, this is unfrigginbelievable. I don't know where to begin on tips n tricks for upcoming songs. Maybe a little more clarity on the atmospheric pad? Besides that... zip. You nailed it. Why Charmanzer gave you a 3 is beyond me. 5/5 10/10

TiGeR responds:

Thanks for the review!

Actually this song was quite badly mixed compared to my recently released stuff. Would I've done this song today I think it would've been twice as enjoyable as now. But yeah I see what you mean with making the atmosphere pad more outstanding, and I'll keep it in mind for the future!

Anywho, I'm really glad you liked it and thanks for reviewing!


Very good...

Also @ fohundredtwenty and Charmanzer, techno is supposed to be a series of loops and/or repetitive beats mixed in harmony. If you dont like that, you can't possibly like techno.... so why are you even bothering coming here?

Either way, this song is good, just be sure to take what people say with a grain of salt and keep your head up. Be proud.

TiGeR responds:

Totally agree with you, mate!

Thanks for the review!


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Jun 12, 2010
2:23 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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