NGRBC Rd 1 -- VS cowdog2

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This was made for what was supposed to be a rap battle competition, but the event didn't really pan out as expected (the 'host' didn't know how to run shit). Anyway, enjoy it for what it is.

Opponent: cowdog2
(( http://cowdog2.newgrounds .com ))


yo, most of your tracks are heavy metal mishaps
you don't even spit crack, you're on the path to get bitch-slapped
cowdog2 -- it's cuz i burnt the first one
yeah i'm the worst son cuz my tongue is like a verse gun
you're gonna step up and get wet up, just from my rhymes
you'll need a check-up from the neck up, i'm blowin minds
you want a battle? fine, you could draw the battle line
i murder beef kid and you know i eat the cattle kind
the same folks that had claimed that my dome was strange
got their fams yoked at they homes on the open range
it's all jokes and games till they hope for fame
and get their whole steelo steamrolled like a rolling train
Steve Guzz, the only one with the open name
who don't give a fuck about you scrubs cuz y'all so tame
i'll watch you fall in pain, call and complain
y'all are lame so i just shit on y'all all the same

... ... ...

you know what they say about Texas, it's all steers and queers
so regardless of my hip-hop peers cheers or jeers
i think i'll start him with 'The Hurting' like it was 'Tears for Fears'
till he self-murkin, Ben Spurgin shootin spears of the clear
"that's kinda fucked up Guzz, why you actin stuck-up?
you got matched-up with a scrub, you lucked up" -- shut the fuck up
i hit every target like guns up playing Duck Hunt
spiking cunts in the back during Butt's Up, it's THEIR tough luck
now why should i act concerned about some faggot herb
actin skurred? he put himself against my rapping words
he's the shit-kicker and i guess that means he raps a turd
i'm quicker with the trigger whether cow dog cat or bird
y'all can roll your eyes like i'm telling you some old jokes
but that's my word guys, i'm leaving this dude with no hopes
just 'Another Day' in the life of the lightning bolt
of the type so bright my strike might frighten folks

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Heavy metal mishaps and name disses were the only personals, very nice rhyme scheme though. Second verse was worse, rhyme scheme remained the same and the rhymes got a little bit cheesy. The Texas line was the only one that was a personal. Finisher was cool though.


Seeing as how I don't judge this one, I have only one thing to say. Did you really just right "sammitch" Steve?

Also, my offer is for these people to join in the second round, nothing more will be accepted for the first

StealthSteve responds:

lol yes i *wrote* "sammitch", and... uhhh, hhrrrmm, what kind of sense does it make to allow someone who was DQ'd/forfeited/refused to compete in the first round to join in on the second round? like, if i don't bother to submit anything for the second round, does that mean i'll get to join in on the third? or is that when you change the format and rules... again?

this is really getting to be on some clownshoe-type shit now.


On to round 2 Guzzi. You won hands down. I don't think Cowdog could've come close to that.

StealthSteve responds:

thanks man... he should've at least tried though. make it interesting. blah whatever

this shit goes hard

alright alright man, i'm not gonna lie, you really got me pretty good. I wanted to join this battle but i got into a car wreck recently and i been dealing with alot of insurance and stupid bull shit.

Hey, just because i play alot of metal doesn't mean i can wreck it on the mic. You got lucky cause i was kneedeep in shit.

StealthSteve responds:

thank you for the props, but let's not be fronters here. you submitted a Trance song to the Audio Portal on June 16th -- the day of the deadline. Stingray gave cats several extensions *on top of* that, and he even *still* has an offer for anyone who is over-deadline to submit a track before all the first-round judging is complete. so, if you can wreck it on the mic, it's simple -- SHOW AND PROVE.

the luck thing has everything to do with you having zero rhyme cred to begin with, and nothing to do with your car wreck. honestly, how does that prevent you from recording a verse or two but not prevent you from playing around with FruityLoops (or whatever) to make Trance songs? i smell baloney and it ain't comin from my sammitch :|

i like your scheme

"yo, most of your tracks are heavy metal mishaps
you don't even spit crack, you're on the path to get bitch-slapped"

fun shit right off the back. i like that hook too :D
the only thing which almost caused me to stop listning was the "introduction" in the beginning. felt that wasnt really needed.
but other then that your shit was nice.

StealthSteve responds:

thanks man... i figured an intro of sorts would be an appropriate way to handle a 25 second lead-in, but yeah, i can see how it could be off-putting. i appreciate the feedback.

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Jun 11, 2010
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