Once Was Never Enough For You

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Ride the synth with me, share my anger and emptiness, feed my broken heart your warm thoughts.
Once was never enough for you.
A song I wrote about a cheater.

Feedback welcome.

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not bad

its cool song

Seven, because...

...The autotune was frustrating. I dont think you needed it. Other than that, I really enjoyed the piece!


-It's wierd in how it seems like a song that would be commercialized but it's darker and more on the side of promiscuity and misunderstanding. Kind of something that would be more popular on the underground masses since it relates strongly to people's feelings and what they are going through. I recognize that this is a song more about evoking emotions than it is about pure instrumentals but it would be nice to have more complex instrument combinations.

-While I do like modification being used on vocals I think you did it just a little too much since at times it is hard to hear them clearly. Having lyrics posted would be one of the easiest ways to fix this problem since you don't need to change the song and we could be enlightened to the lyrics of the troublesome spots. Not too glaring in retrospect but it's hard to judge the lyrics if you don't know every line in the song. The humming or droning sound in the background was a great pairing for the vocals since they were dark. It wouldn't of hurt to put more bass in the background though.

-Review Request Club


I've never really heard anything like this, it sounds very unique. While the silence at the end is obviously unnecessary, and this does have a few other defects, it's still a really cool song, and I'm impressed. As I said, it sounds really unique; so unique that I don't think I'll do my usual review structure of Melodies/Sounds - Transitions/Structure - Percussion - Conclusion, and instead split the review into two sections; what's good about the song and what's bad about it.


This song sounds very original and unique. I've never heard anything similar to it, and the different sounds that you used were very weird yet strangely sound awesome. The sound at the beginning was really rough but interesting to listen to.

The vocals were also sung very well. I don't know about the lyrics since the fact that I'm deaf from one ear makes me incapable of hearing stuff properly, and I can't understand the vocals, but from what I heard, they were song extremely well.

The track that's accompanying the vocals sounds cool, and even though at times it gets pretty rough, it still fits very well with the vocals.

There's a cool synth playing some higher notes with cool melodies.

The intro was interesting, to say the very least, and started the song up well. The ending was good too.

The melody on the vocals was absolutely awesome. Not only that, but there were some very cool effects on the vocals here and there in the song which I very much enjoyed :D.

The emotion of anger is clearly present in the song. The sounds you used definitely evoke a theme of anger and revenge, and the vocals were sung with emotion. The atmosphere is also good.


The silence at the end is obviously unnecessary. It's very annoying and if someone downloads this song and puts it in a playlist, when the song ends, s/he has to wait a whole minute for the next song to start or manually switch to the next song, which is a bit inconvenient. It isn't that hard to remove silence, you know :P.

The song is quite quiet. I think amplifying this at least 4 decibels would be better.

The song's level always remains the same. If you take a glance at the waveform of this song, it stays roughly the same amplitude, indicating that there are no climaxes, breakdowns, etc... I definitely thing that adding a bit more to the structure with interesting new sections will not only increase the diversity of the track and make it less repetitive, but even give you more opportunities to portray more effective emotions and more interesting changes.

The percussion was very simple. Basically only a bass drum every 2 beats. I'm thinking that this song could really do with some epic drums from a drum kit playing really slow beats with a good amount of reverb on them. It would definitely evoke more anger to the listener.

The vocals, as Fro pointed out, were weak. Like I said, they were hard to understand, at least for me. The supposedly background sounds covered it up, making the vocals more in the background than the other sounds.

I said somewhere above that the ending was good, although it still isn't perfect, in my opinion. The final note with the vocals was very cool, but from then on I think that you should have faded everything out slowly and gradually, instead of kept it going at the same level and ending suddenly...

Perhaps you could've added a few more bass tones, IMO.


This is a very good track, and I enjoyed it. Maybe I gave you a bit of a lower score than the other reviewers, and as you can see there are more disadvantages than there are advantages, but heck, that doesn't mean that this is a bad song. All in all, I enjoyed it, and it has HEAPS of potential, but I think there are still a few more things to fix before I can enjoy this to its fullest, personally. However, keep up the awesome work, and if you ever build on this or make it better, then send me a PM, I'd love to hear a newer version.
5/5 - because this song is badly 0-bombed and definitely deserves a higher score than it has now.

-Review Request Club-

Strong lyrics, weak vocals.

Now when I say weak vocals I don't mean that the song was sung poorly. It was sung quite well in my opinion and like I mentioned the lyrics were great, think about adding them to the author comments as well so people can follow along for the reason that I am about to bring up.

The vocals were way too quiet compared to the rest of the song. Make them stronger, louder, truly show your emotions man. Make them stick out to the point where you actually pain the cheater, where they fear for what they did, and so they never do it again to anyone. And stuff.

The music had great back tracking and it went well with the vocals even if they were a bit too quiet for my liking. Anyway, emotion in the vocals, some strength and volume. Don't make it metal or screamo or anything like that, but be truth to the moment and I think this song will be much better all around.

~ Review Request Club ~

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