Cthulhu the Cynic Vs. Iconic

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Battle for Wyze's hip hop comp.
You got the worst sound, i make thermometers red,
First round, and I gotta rock Iconic again?
A lot of them said, I should've won the last one,
Don't needa blast guns to win this,
Please, Mind your rhyming with the cynic,
Can you please? Keep your society hidden,
Your style its bitten, you might as well quit this and make a living
Flipping beef, at mickey D's, Let me handle spitting Heat,
I'll make him start shaking and click his teeth,
Tighten up my grip and squeeze, so listen please,
This is gonna hurt, You barely made it to the second round,
Now Ima knock you out of the first, You can shout and curse,
But its not helping out your verse, it's still worth dirt,
You'll never quench your thirst for vengeance,
Leave you offended, and I sense that,
He'll bitch, when he loses he's whack,
But Cthulhu illuminates tracks,
Make aluminum crack, I'm through with your stupid ass,
The truth is, you shouldn't rap, even if your hood and black,
Your not though, Stop, you got no flow,
Off topic, a flop, Get knocked out,
and rocked with my raps,
Now, Judges tell me, How iconic is that?
It's ironic in fact, Your an icon for losers who rap,
Abusive, get slapped. I'm done messing.
Can't even record that shitty verse in one session,

http://wyze-stingray.newg rounds.com/news/post/4812 71

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Too boring and offtopic. Iconic has higher ground. Keep practicing maybe someday you wont be so boring. :\

- Mr. Big Bad Lejin (Hip Hop NG's#1 Artist)
- Real-Over-Fake -(Approved)

GloineFiodh responds:

yeah true. that must be why iconic even said he got smoked and so did his boys.
if you actually knew anything about rap and didn't make everything a contest against yourself, you might have the mind power to enjoy the rhymes. just because i don't stay on some pop shit and sing garbage hooks like nelly doesn't mean I "fail".
Tell me? How is this off topic in the slightest? Pretty sure i ruined him and he said "I'm gonna take a break from battling". that sounds like a successful diss track to me. If your that ill, jump in the battles. Stop getting your little power trip from judging a wack ass competition and pushing the garbage artists through to kill off real lyricists.
Lejin, your the fraud. pop a vicodin. a pain pill won't cover your sorry ass.

Here goes

Heads up, I'm going to be a harsh judge for everyone in this comp. Although I will 10 every entry.

Lyrics: 13: loved the multies, and I like how most of your lines are personalized to him. I'm ignoring the fact that you can't knock him out first round because this is the seeding round because that's a recent change). I can't give you more than 13 because aluminium really isn't all that hard to crack. But good job overall.

Delivery: 4 : You've probably heard this a thousand times by now, but you don't bring a lot of energy to the mic, that's you weak point.

Style: 4: Cool rhyme schemes. You've also got a pretty cool style of flow, especially at the start of this. However, I do feel like I've heard that style before, but 4/7 isn't a bad job.

Overall: 21

Lyricism vs Energy

Lyrics- 15 - the ending was critical
Delivery- 4 - the laid back approach was a bit too relax for my liking
Style- 3 - its your style, but I felt it was overused


(I'm retarded and forgot what tab I was on, so I accidentally reviewed the wrong track, so heres my review for Icon's track)


Lyrics- 12- Glione had more personal hits.
"Bar's Rip your esphogus/ while your spittin monotonous" "See ima Lyrical mix of Venom and carnage" Diggin those lines
Delivery- 7- You took a few takes to get this right, but you did it right.
Style- 7- Everyday you got new style, today you killed it.


GloineFiodh responds:

do you even listen to rap?
how can you judge style?
come on man

A+ lyricism

absolute dope. when you battle MCs, you systematically destroy all their whole structure like your words are concentrated explosives in the lines of quick delivery.

these other MCs are in denial, but you are literally taking over NG hiphop.

GloineFiodh responds:

thanks a lot gunner. means a lot

To icon's comment below:

Sorry brah, your tracks aint that good either. Look, I'm not tryna hate or front or nothin bro, you will continue to get better. And who knows, one day you may make decent songs. But man, actually try taking an objective point of view, listen to your songs, and try to compare how they sound with other rappers. And not just NG rappers, because its not hard to be the best rapper around here. You may find that you aint up to par.

Sorry if this comes off as harsh, I just can't stand it when people talk themselves up when they ain't all that good. But don't let it discourage you... people on get better with practice and experience.

- P.

GloineFiodh responds:

thank you

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Jun 11, 2010
12:22 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Olskool
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