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Rising of a Hero

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The Hero (Rising of a Hero)
A short orchestral track made in a moment of inspiration.
VSTi used:
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Starter Edition (free)
Advanced Media Tracks 2: Classic Composer (free download for everybody until January 5th, 2009)
Maize Sampler (for glockenspiel, patch made by me, glockenspiel samples by angstrom)
Choir made with Papelmedia free soundfont.
Track sequenced and mixed in Mu.Lab.

Track composed and sequenced by Mihai Sorohan in 2010.
edit June 11 2010- Made less volume on glockenspiel, more reverb to blend in the mix, added Taiko drums.
edit June 17 2010 - Thanks for frontpage :)
Updated while I still can. Made the percussion more "percussive", pushed the volume a bit up and changed some dynamics.

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*Gets inspired*
*Writes speech about world hunger*
*Favorites song*
It inspired me, that's for sure.

Very inspirational!

Solid piece of music indeed.

Good day, gentleman,

this is a cliché track which you captured pretty good. Lets get started!

Your piece starts quiet nicely and gets more instruments. The finale is interesting, too, but the melody and the harmony does not develop like at the beginning and it gets a bit repetitive.
So we suggest to stretch the melody over the whole finale, to get much more development.
You can make the strings more lively, if you add more different dynamics (crescendo, diminuendo) in the melodic lines, like a real player would play it. All in all you have a pretty straight structure which is comprehensible.

The instrumentation is quite okay. Maybe you could have added more brass instruments in the finale to emphasize it more and to make a smoother transition to the second part by let them do a crescendo. The part at the beginning with the melody-playing flute was nice, but you can add a solo violin (playing a countermelody) or a celesta for example to get a more sophisticated sound.
In the second part we suggest to let the strings play staccato, to get some alteration to the longer notes, which they play all over. This would also make the part a bit more gracile.
Another nice addition would be some woodwind runs in the finale atop the long notes of your melody.

Your orchestra sounds a little bit dry. We suggest that you increase the reverb. It would also be good to use a propagation delay. But still your mixing is done appropriately and all the different instruments sound quite nice together. We are not certain if there is any brass, but we think we have heard a horn playing at 0:56, which would be more audible in a real recording session. So we suggest to make them louder.

We hope we could help you a little. All in all this is a solid piece of music. Try to get your hands on better samples!

Best regards,

Sir Edward Eisenworth

sorohanro responds:

Thanks for review.

Quite good points there. I know that most of my stuff is a bit repetitive, probably comes from my jazz playing (on circles) combined with lack of ideas :))

For instrumentation, yes, I would LOVE to have a solo violin but for now I'm stuck with free software (or really cheap) and solo violins sounds like dying cats.
I will see what can I do about adding more horns/ brass, maybe recording some real trumpets.
As for the rest of suggestions, I will keep them in mind if I'll make another version of this piece and maybe drop you a line.

Thanks again,


As much as I think the show Yu-Gi-Oh is an sub-par show, I can't help but hear it's theme in this piece (near the end). Although it may be unintentional, I must say, if that show had used something half as epic as this song, it might be worth watching. Great song.

sorohanro responds:

Yu-Gi-Oh LOL
Thanks for review. Now I'll go on youtube to search and see what was reminding of Yu-Gi-Oh and maybe change (or not).

this is great

and somehow i think this would fit into some zelda game :3

sorohanro responds:

:) Thanks.

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Jun 10, 2010
6:10 PM EDT
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