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Running (RD2010)

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Author Comments

"Behold, the robots are here,
Run away or tremble with fear!"

Imagine you are being hunted by an unknown number of robots, and they're not so user friendly.

Made for the Robot Day 2010 (RD2010) entirely in FL Studio.

It gets a bit noisy towards the end, but that was my point anyway. So please don't complain about that

This is the final version.

What do the voices say?
// at the beginning
Hang on a second
// during the final buildup - they are being said word by word, so keep that in mind when listening :)
We won't stop
Until you DROP

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So much to play with...

Industrial is probably one of my favorite (albeit least-listened to) genres. It gives you a lot of freedom to explore, in my personal view, "living mechanics". The way I see it, industrial is literally what robots would listen to, were they sentient, living, breathing beings. With that said, this song, from my opinion, embodies that very gritty, cold, mechanical, but so very emotional standpoint. Robots are awesome, and putting robots to music makes something very graceful and horrifyingly wonderful in it's own sense.

Though you say it gets noisy at the end (and was your purpose), i think it was something of a miss. It filled up too much "sonic space", so to speak. It was very full, which kinda threw off the rest of the song, which (from my standpoint) is somewhat more hollow, which i liked in the song. I think if you had given everything a bit more distinction, it would have given a more hollow (and all the more embodying) feel of this piece.

Short version: Overall, it was a well-oiled piece of music that flowed with the right amount of ambiance and space, though the ending filled up that ambiance - which, from one standpoint, could be a good thing. Didn't work so much for me, but there's nothing wrong with it.

Hopefully this helped some. I feel like i rambled/raved a bit more than actually constructively contributed.

Futuristic indeed

1.50 - breaking it down before building it up

A really impressive piece. It feels futuristic. Not Star Wars or Matrix futuristic, more like something a tad less futuristic than I, Robot. Bah, rambling on.

The entire song has a pretty intense feel to it. Not necessarily fear, just a really intense feel. After reading author's comments, I gotta say the song came out just as you'd hoped for, obviously.

The sounds and samples you've used are just perfect for the kind of robotic sound you went for. There are some breaks in the song (like at approx. 1.12) which also sounds really well, considering the mixing done to the song.

Rhythmically it's a great piece, and the melody changes so much that it never gets repetitive. A very well-done, robotic tune indead. I really like the breaking down of the song at about 1.45 to 2.00.

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Craxmilian responds:

Yeah that noise-break-distortion-ambient part was kinda random.

There are many little breaks, as I tend to get bored during production times I just do strange things - but no one has complained yet :) About mixing - yes that was a bit tricky - became harder after I've come to the noisy part as I didn't want any sounds to get lost in the whole thing.

And uhm... about melody - it does never change - still stays the same - but it is kinda sliced up and there are also some filters on the synth that make it sound a bit different on every occurence.

Anyway, thank you for your nice review .)


A very good song. With your comments to the song you set just the right mood you have to be in to listen to this song.

I can easily imagine this being used in a flash video for a chasing scene. Listening to this song and imagine a chasing scene reminds me a bit of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (for whatever reason. I think the mood I had after watching this movie is the same I have while listening to the final parts of this song) and "Metropolis" (the pounding sounds remind me of the big machineries seen in this movie).

A great song that creates a very dystopian/anti-utopian atmosphere. Great work!

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Craxmilian responds:

And I also find it a bit depressive or dystopian as you say, like nothing good awaits us behind the nearest corner or so... * brain error occured*

I've never had as much visual imagination as some people, even orienting in maps is problematic - but who cares - music works well anytime.

And so I'm really happy that you enjoyed listening to it as much as I enjoyed those long nights spent on this thing :)

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Jun 10, 2010
7:23 AM EDT
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