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1. The camera shows you in a bird's eye view the town being demolished by humans using chemicals, and science against us A.K.A bombs .
2. Then, it zooms in to what the bombs did, all the damage, in slow motion, flames roaring beckoning everyone. People under debris, bloody, and severely wounded through the impact of the bombs . Only a few survivors .. Many soon to die from the radiation .. Dust, and ashes everywhere .
3. The cops come in completely broken from the terror they have witnessed . Dead, and helpless people
not knowing what just hit them, probably not even knowing whats going on around them..
4. Finally the rescuers show up, to bring justice, and safety to the remaining survivors, releasing everyone from underneath all the remains of their houses, that are covered in angry flames ..
--- ---
Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.
We must save our asses.
From these people who lust. (For power, and such.)
--- ---
Hello everyone! I am proud to present you another epic song, yes it's 1 minute don't whine =P
I tried guys, I really did . I can't seem to make a song last to 3 minutes, I haven't given up yet, I will keep trying . I made this song though, still epic, just more in a nutshell . Enjoy .
- Aphotic Athanasy - Chaos/Ambient/Abstract/In dustrial


I can feel this painted picture.

Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.
We must save our asses.
From these people who lust.
For our own sake.
For our own sweat.
Give nothing to take.
Naught for regret.
For they will find you.
They will fly down.
Killing you all.
Destroying this town.
This town that once was.
This town that once strived.
See what this government does.
To keep yourself alive.

AphoticAthanasy responds:

__________________O Very nice. You even extended on my poem. I forgot about that poem.

Glad you liked it. :3

Keep making songs dont look back

Your music ive never seen any real music star compose keep up the good work . And I hope all of my reviews boost your cofidence to make even better songs than ever nice song bro .

AphoticAthanasy responds:

Thankyou . I worked really hard on this one . Themusic I compose isn't just music .. It's a world I present you through the echoes of my soul . I love to hear sounds, and paint pictures with sound . Heh . Thankyou for another awesome review bro . ^_^ I will keep making music for you to review hahah =P

A depressive reality

And sadly, on the newscasts everyday. Musically, I can always count on your avant-garde/abstract style, while this piece in particular holds a lot of meaning.
One suggestion: submit something without putting a detailed description. Let's see how people will react ;)

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AphoticAthanasy responds:

Aww, but stories are awesome >: Music isn't that good, unless you display what you saw, then when people listen to it their mind makes them see the alternatives, as such . ^^ . Thankyou for the review =P .
- Aphotic Athanasy -


Ashes // creating a concentrated testimony, and because it's short it's almost like a memory of he past( or vision of the future ), bits and pieces are missing ( only because they are not important ) and youre left with the parts that matter.
On the musical side of things, this would work well as a incidental score for a film.

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AphoticAthanasy responds:

Why thankyou . ^_^ Yea, it is short, and yes it was that of visions and whatnot when I imagined it, I wasn't going to add footsteps, and the helicopter taking a minute to land . LOL
- Aphotic Athanasy - (Going to bed for the night guys, goodnight ^^)


i like your views on such things, kind of morbid i suppose.anyways love the song very interesting.

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AphoticAthanasy responds:

Thankyou, also . I would be counted morbid, if I ignored what this world goes through everyday while 90% of us humans enjoy the good life, buying extravagant items, houses, even time .. I also, would be anti-morbid. I really don't like the news, it's trash and it's pointless . We already know these things go on in life, so why do people want to watch it ? It's already annoying knowing that people just swarm in wanting to get the ''scoop'' on injured humans, and don't show any sympathy . This world is morbid through us humans . If you actually look passed reality's curtains, you will see the flames I see.. It's already hard enough to wake up everyday hearing this world's pain, and cries it makes in it's incoherent whispers .. Thankyou for the review . ^^
- Aphotic Athanasy -

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Jun 10, 2010
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