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It's a new DiMenSion

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Here's a little something that might stimulate your imagination while listening to the song

--The story of the discovery of the next dimension--

--0 to 0:30 Launching of the Spaceship--

'At this time, men had completely forget about himself;
all that count was how to defeat the unknown with the help of the
scientific method. It didn't took long before a spaceship was constructed
to gather the precious information for the human race.'

--0:31 to 1:26 Travelling through space--

'Although space-travelling wasn't fully mastered, some eager explorers
didn't mind risking their lives for the honour of being the first.
They convinced themselves that the thrill worth the risk.However,
they'll never know that the success of this travel was connected
to their will and not on luck.'

--1:27 to 1:39 Arrival at a new galaxy--

'After the most confusing moment of their lives, they arrived at
destination. They've been dreaming of this for so long that they
could hardly believe their own eyes.'

--1:40 to 2:00 Landing on the planet--

'The serenity that emanates from the contemplation made them forget that
they still had to land on the planet -another risky operation-.
They've came this far and have seen so much in a few seconds that it
couldn't possibly fail.'

--2:00 to 2:54 Explorers discovering a new civilization--

'If the sight of a never seen galaxy was breath taking, just try
to imagine their faces when they finally seen another form of civilization.
The joy of discovering is what animates every human beings and to discover
that we are not alone was probably the most anticipated event in history.
Maybe they landed near their smallest city or their biggest, but it didn't
matter, what was important was most likely to be found.'

--2:55 to 4:15 Celebration of the newcomer--

'At their amazement, many prophets had foretold their arrival and a crowd was
standing a few miles away. The explorers would've been called fools on Earth,
but something in them inspired trust. They followed them and a festivity was
in the air (of this planet). The explorer couldn't stop smiling and laughing
something that was common between every human beings was similar to the signs
of joy the habitants of this planet showed.'

--4:16 to 5:36 Sharing of the knowledge--

'The celebration gradually went down to leave place to the seriousness of
the situation. So many generations had dream of this union between life
in the universe that maybe their genes had already the program for this
situation. Nobody really knows how or why, but everything went as it
would be if the explorers wrote the situations long before this event.'

--5:14 to 5:55 Discovery and learning of the hidden knowledge--

'After a brief moment, the explorer realized how easily they communicated
with them. In fact, they were showing them the knowledge they learned all
these years. The knowledge man dropped, because it was uncertain and many
charlatan had made a bad reputation of it. They had develop psychic powers
instead of rational powers. This lead them to the point they found a way in
another dimension. Physicians of Earth always thought that it was impossible
to go through dimensions since we were trapped in this 3 dimensional

--5:56 to 6:08 The door to the next dimension showed--

'At first, the road leading to the next dimension created fear in the
travellers. However, they were among the most foolish and courageous humans
and they were chose for those characteristics in the first place.'

--6:09 to 6:32 Stepping through the next dimension--

'Maybe they went into in another paradise-like dimension or hellish dimension,
but they never came back'



Only for discription im giving you 10... And the song is mystic-awesome. :D Well, I just dunno what to say. That song takes me to eternity. =) And thats good!
5/5 10/10


Superstrings responds:

I'm glad my story entertained you !

Simply Mind Blowing!

10/10 no question about that! I could actually imagine what was going on as this went on, I loved it! So amazing. I hope the travellers are alright!

Superstrings responds:

Woah thanks a lot! I appreciate it a lot. It's the kind of review that makes me smile at the end of the day ;)

i like

this could take short stories and essays to a new level of story telling...nice work

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Superstrings responds:

thanks thats exactly what i wanted to do ;)

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