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RD2010: Energy Glitch [Cut]

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UPDATE 2: MADE AN EXTENDED FULL VERSION HERE http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/343465
UPDATE: added some more robot sounds for a more robotish feel (special thanks to rig! just listen!)


I recently figured out that this contest was goin on, soo, I decided to jump in!

Here i my shot at my 3rd DnB song
and my shot at a robotic like shot

Effects galore,
Very, very glitchy drums
And a punch of bass!

and if used in a flash, be sure to credit!

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What the fuck.

I've been listening to this for the past 5 days.
And it still hasn't gotten old.
Amazing job.
I'm so jealous of your talent to make music like this.
2:10 makes me cream.


hahah that windows sound., really sick stuff, but something about the drums....i don't really like how the kicks roll from 1:25-1:40. But thats me. Its really crazy though man, i had to listen to it a few times to really grasp what was going on. Dig it!


-This is definitely one of the best songs that I have listened to so far that is being put into the Robot Day contest. One of the more natural robotic sounding songs with not too many variations. It's an excellent holiday that everyone seems to be creating great content for by the way.

-The main problem that this song has is that it stays around the three chord combination for too long. You add a lot of effects into and around the melody like you stated in the description but morphing the melody and changing it up every now and then would help take away from the repetitiveness.

-As I stated earlier I really think it sounds naturally robotic and you use several nice sound samples of robot functions making it seem like there are robots in the background doing some work while everything is starting to fall into chaos. Just work on it a little more so it sounds a little less repetitive in the main melody and this has a great chance of winning.

-Review Request Club

So this is what I'm up against?...

...Well wow, I'll have a lot of work to do (haven't finished my submission yet). Haha, may the best man win xD.

Anyway, on to the review...
This song is really awesome. I absolutely love the glitchy-ness, the robot theme to it and of course the windows effect at 1:40, but you know how I am with windows sound effects xP. Keep up the awesome work this is definitely among your best work!

There aren't really many melodies over here, but still, the melodies you used were cool. They have a dark/sinister feel to them. Probably my favourite part would be 1:41, although the whole song sounds really awesome. However, as Rig said, this could really do with a chord change to vary the melodic section of this song a bit more. Maybe even an epic solo might work out well over here. Still, overall, the composition of the song was good, and I especially liked all of the melodies and stuff that were playing towards the end. They really created a mighty and powerful climax, and were quite catchy too.

The synths you used at times were a slight bit generic, but that hardly stopped them from sounding really cool. I think that my favourite synth would be the saw bass that's heard clearly at 1:41, although the synth at 2:08 was great too (I also liked the slight portamento you put on it, if I'm hearing correctly, lol). Probably one of the coolest things about this submission would be all of the sound effects you threw in for the intro. Rig really knows how to make cool robot effects :D. You also succeeded in adding this robot effects throughout the song without making them distract the listener or start to get boring. As I said above, I loved the Critical Error sound you did at 1:40, lol xD. So yeah, overall, awesome synths and awesome effects.

The transitions are definitely the best I've heard from all of your songs. None of the transitions sounded even slightly abrupt. I liked how you introduced the hat line at the beginning, and how you added so many tiny breaks around the song to provide cool transitions, such as at, of course, 1:40, at 1:52 and at 2:07. Yeah, I'm really impressed with your transitions :D. New synths were all introduced extremely well, and the buildups were spot on.

The structure is great, and so was the variety. The drums were so varied and there was such a nice variety of different sections in the song that I didn't even get slightly bored listening to this. Man, the more I listen to it, the more I think "It's going to be hard to win the Robot Day competition" lol xP.

The intro was excellent. I really like the delayed hit/sound effect you did to start the song up, and the small sweep you did before that. It really started the song well. The ending was superb as well. You ended it on a really epic ending note at 2:29 and faded out the notes a little which provided a nice effect to finish the song. Fantastic outro!

The drums as you said were very glitchy. They were also amazingly varied, and never got annoying or boring. Actually if you removed all of the synths, effects and stuff, leaving only the drums, then I'm convinced that it would still not get boring to listen to xD. No kidding man, the drums over here are out of this world. The snare sounded great, the hat was cool and the kick was nice and bassey (your sister was wrong in my opinion, to me it was used just the right amount, lol xP).

In conclusion, this is one of the best Robot Day submissions I've heard so far. The drums are glitchy and awesome, the intro and outro were superb, the song is really well structured, the variety is perfect, the transitions are extraordinary, the synths you used were great, the robot effects were implemented flawlessly, and the melodies were good and catchy. I only mentioned a few nitpicks which might improve this song, but they're not enough to stop me from giving you a 10/10. Keep up the amazing work.

To be honest, I was hoping that you or mr-jazzman won't post anything for the competition, but turns out you both did, and now I have to work my ass off to make something worthy enough. Good job!

-Review Request Club-

I hear my samples!

Oh yes.

Sounds pretty good, but it could use even more bass fun. Right now it's all about the melody and the same three chords repeating. Try changing it up every now and then with a chord change.

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4.71 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2010
1:02 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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