The Sad Ending

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This song would sound good at the end of a sad movie. I worked hard on this. Plz rate well

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this is exactly what i had in mind when Dumbledore died (in Harry Potter)

Petwoip responds:

Yeah :)

I liked it

Plz just say what program u are using?

Petwoip responds:

This song was made with MusiGenesis, but my two new songs are made with reason 3.0.

I love your work

I used this song in a flash that i made to get turd of the week, hopefully that will get this song some publicity, I will be using this same song in another more serious flash (under a different alias lol)
this song really sets the mood and delivers an emotinal punch, I really wish the newgrounds profile had a spot to put your favorite newgrounds musicians. You would be my number 1 hands down.

Petwoip responds:

Yeah, I did see the flash, hehe. I think I have gotten about 7-10 additional downloads since it's release, so thanks for that.

And after checking out your profile it appears you were awarded another turd of the week, good job.

I'm happy you like music! And good luck with your next flash!

pretty good

i wish there was more of a backround such as strings or some other instrument but the melody wasnt too bad not bad a 13 year old

Petwoip responds:

Good suggestion, but this was more of a buildup song.

Thanks for reviewing!


Wow, I'm going to have to change my list of faves of your songs, putting this right on top! This is a really good song. Keep it up! By the way, could you put a choir in your next orchestral?


Petwoip responds:

Hi again Sin_Snakei! Thanks for reviewing and rating the 5!

My next song will actually be on Reason 3.0 which I got a week and a half ago. I'm not sure if I'll include choir, but I do know that there will be lots of cool instruments. Unfortunately, it won't be the same sounding choir as you may be used to if I do include one.