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Hello everyone, here is the second submission for today . I am never going to stop enveloping Newgrounds with the echoes of my soul . Ever . I hope you like this one aswell . ^^;

- Broken Mirrors - Humans generally alternated the laws of common sense through their selfish actions, and the lack of understanding for who they are, or even lack of appreciation . Such as, reflections are fake, yet they appear more real than we as humans do, in our solid form . Another example is, poor people can give everything, while the rich people can't even lend a single hand of acquatiance .

- Aphotic Athanasy - (You need bass inorder to feel the 100% emotion ; atmosphere this song brings forth for everyone :3)

Edit: (Because people have poor taste) Seriously, this song was booted too ? FOR WHAT ? TEll me exactly, because this is some inconsistent voting power guys . Seriously, this song is perfectly fine, I don't know why you are throwing a fit over it . Let me explain the idea of this song too .... ----- ......
The dark chambers of our mind have mirrors everywhere that contain aspects of ourselves, and the crappy piano lead at the beginning is supposed to sound pretty crap, and dark, but it still brings in the form of the song . The light piano that comes in is the realization of your self being, yet still the fog eradicates your strength . Then, the rest was just atmosphere to show a stronger vision of this dark realm we all conceal through false notions . *Sigh.. You guys are really killing me here, but atleast I have the strength to keep going no matter what, regardless of your crazy voting skillz* ^^


nice again bro

Ive listened to more of your songs I am amazed that you've been doing this for a month . You are a gifted person for only doing this for a month and you are this good . And from that other song ummm Debris if im correct you do know how I am . And also im very honnerd by already being on the ok list nice song .

AphoticAthanasy responds:

Thankyou man . Your reviews are extremely enlightening . I will make a beautiful song, just because of your reviews after my temporary break from music . you can count on it ! I am enjoying your reviews . Sincerely . 5/5 for the review =P


I'll start saying that your atmosphere somewhat "caught me off-guard", in a sense that the intro sounds a little awkward to me. But the cool part lies beyond the middle, which I think is the real soul of this piece.
This track is like a painting that is waiting to be finished, but I still feel the dark emotions behind the ambiance...
And yes, I agree that people voting here, most of the time, have really poor taste.

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AphoticAthanasy responds:

Thankyou, but I agree with Tokolos, he is right .. I been being an ass without even realizing it through tunnel vision . Let's just say we might lose our car even though we paid it off, because of selfish bastards who keep finding loop holes to make us pay more than we should .. :/ Thankyou, and thankyou Tokolos for awkwaening my true reflections, I can't believe I was letting my anger get to you guys . For my apologies I will make a pure song called ''I'm Sorry'' soon, and I will show you through emotion that I am truely sorry for giving everyone a hardtime that gave their time to give me their opinions . Again, I apologize sincerely .
- Aphotic Athanasy -

Broken Mirrors

The problem with a-tonal, lingering compositions is that on 1st listens, it doesnt make sense to the listener, and only with repeated listening does the mind begin to create recognizable patterns. I'm not suggesting that your song is a-tonal per se, but maybe it should be going in that direction a bit more?
Some might argue that youre just plonking away aimlessly at the keys, but because I'm open minded I can sense the direction youre going in, and the subconcious, dream like quality youre tryng to achieve.
Now, if youre serious about your endevours, don't be surprised if most people don't like the music you make, esp if it's a bit different than most of the popular genre's. Don't take it personally, and don't tell listeners that they have bad taste, it's way too subjective a comment( just like musical tastes hey? ), and won't get you anywhere.

My advice would be for you to embrace your unique musical perception, and dig a bit deeper. To me, it seems that youre just scrathing the surface of the subconcious refinery, from where all dreams and music flows freely. Remember that the listener wants some kind of reward when they listen to music, esp if you want them to listen to a song more than once. Some music grows on you ( discovery through sheer repetition ) and some music becomes stale over time, even though it sounded great the first time you heard it.
Listen to some Angelo Badalamenti, Nicolas Lens and Penderecki for inspiration, but keep on working and perfecting your own style/

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AphoticAthanasy responds:

I agree . I will try to be less harsh, I apologize everyone . I will see to it that I will gather my talent from the deeper oceans within me . Just one thing .. I don't make random notes, listen to the song ''Time Goes By'' I deliberately place these piano keys from what I love to make, which is an ambient story like structure . Thankyou for your wonderful review ..

- Aphotic Athanasy -

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Jun 6, 2010
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