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You'll Miss Her

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Author Comments

EDIT 6/13: Took out the shimmering in the high end and narrowed the stereo a bit. The original design was intended to be like inside your head but, damn, it was too offensive on the ear drums in some parts.

Instructions on how to listen correctly ;D Headphones (nice ones-mixed on Sennheiser HD-280s not pro but, nice) Volume as loud as you can tolerate (get inside of the sound). Close your eyes, and listen at night, alone, in the dark. Or whatever.

we're all gonna miss her
we're all gonna miss her when she's gone

she's pushed and pulled in this dense abyss
her tiny little dreams wanna know what it is
never seem to remember all the problems revolve around him

just try to stop me
(I'm) coming to end her lie(s)
always destiny
crushing the doubt on her mind

(we're all gonna miss her)

she's got itty-bitty thoughts that think they think big
pretended endings with a forgotten beginning
wasted time trying to contort his cosmic machine
it won't ever matter as they burn together in the end

just try to stop me
(I'm) coming to end her lie(s)
always destiny
crushing the doubt on her mind

*Made with Acid 7 and CoolEdit 2.1
** Played a cookie tin and tugged (not hard, assholes) on the dog's ear for the basic bass.

What do you think its about?



Fucking great, I'll make sure to listen to this when i can get my hands on some brain-altering substances. Oh yeah, snp517 is a punk bitch penguin.

pookicker responds:

Ya, please listen again in yer most favoritist way. Punk bitch penguins are gold in my book. Speshlee when they give big number reviews. :D

Unique Trippy Sound

I love so much of your music, but this by far my favorite. It's gotta NIN kinda sound to it. But, IMO this is better than NIN. No bullshit XD

People find this review helpful!
pookicker responds:

Big compliment, my man! Thanks!

However, I can see Trent Reznor reading over your comment, playing my song, reading your comment once more with a quizzical look, and then pissing his pants with laughter at everything I've ever done my whole life. lol

I hope I come up with more for you to like. :D

This is truly unique

It is professional and mature!
The sound is terrifying but offers a comfort zone at the same time that is a unique tension. The analogue almost vintage quality of the mix is wonderful.

I have some pointers:
The vocals are a bit to integrated within the instruments. 1 couplet.
I would detach it just a bit more from the instrumental texture.
Same goes for the first refrein, I would keep it the same fro the second and third voice but would mix the lead vocal slightly more on top.

The lyrics sometimes are a bit forced within the length of a measure:
It is a bit uncomfortable to hear.
Maybe it's the timing of singing. But it might also have something with just a little too long words

I Would change this into this
never seem to remember all the problems revolve around him
he never remembers the problems that revolve around him.

she's got itty-bitty thoughts that think they think big
she's got itty-bitty thoughts thinking they think big

pretended endings with a forgotten beginning
pretended endings with a forgotten begin.

it won't ever matter as they burn together in the end
In the end is now almost faded by singing it the way you did.
In the end could use the extra drama here.
Slowly building that within the sentence emphasizing the worth burn first then climaxing the words IN THE ENDDDDD.

Another thing is don't end all the sentences in the couplets downwards if you know what i mean.
Listen closely and decide which of the sentence should end slightly different.

I hope this all comes across!
Great stuff i ll fave you now i really like your style!
10/10 5/5 Cuz the quality is way better than most of the rest!

pookicker responds:

Thanks for the in depth review and the tips!

I am constantly trying to find a zone for my voice to be predominant without having to disguise it instrumentally. The problem may lay in how I interpret it, I don't have a very attractive singing texture to my own ears so, I kind of assume that it would be the same for others.

"he never remembers the problems that revolve around him" - Unfortunately, this wouldn't work in the theme of the song, as "she" is the one who can't seem to remember. I'd love to explain the concept behind the lyrics but, it might change how someone would like to perceive the words with their own meaning.

I do agree with you on the level of drama on some of the words and also, how I could improve the rhyming couplet inflections. Once I started to focus on the lyrics, I was already hearing different patterns over the course of the production. I end to get a lost when I'm repeating the same 30 seconds over a few hours. :D

Thanks again for the detail, this site could use more reviewers and music makers like you.

Unique. Creepy. Lyrical!

I like it how you often put lyrics in your songs... It's very unique. I always wish I could put lyrics in my songs, but I don't... I just don't.

The lyrics were pretty good too, Is it your voice? The beginning sounds pretty tribal, (thats good) and the music towards the end is pretty good.

I think I should congratulate you for being one of the few people to put voices in your song... Congratulations!

pookicker responds:

Thank you!

It is my voice. I've only had a friend with me on one song... oh, except for the girl songs, I had a couple of them put a mic in their mouths.
I use the same design for my vocals now where I'll run through the whole song on one track, copy it twice, pitch one up an octave and pitch one down (sounds my voice can't possibly achieve). Then I go back and sing harmonies. So, on the last chorus, there is about 7 of me :D


inventive use of sounds. They really stand out as the song transitions from section to section. The tone and vibe you've got going on here is very different, especially for newgrounds; I really appreciate the originality.

I have to say though, when I step away and look at it as a whole. It sounds like a goofy version of nine inch nails.

pookicker responds:

Very cool to appreciate and refer to this as original, thank you!

Goofy NIN?! Hahaa! No, I totally get it. Interestingly enough, if you like the idea of synchronicity or cyclical behaviors, I share the same monthly birthday with Trent Reznor. I'd say that The Downward Spiral changed the way I listened to -anything- but, the whole birthday thing came up last year. In real life, I'm an excellent janitor. :D

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4.34 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2010
7:48 PM EDT
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3 min 49 sec

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