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RD2010 - Robot Factory

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Made this song for the Robot Day 2010 Audio Contest.

FLASH ARTISTS: IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF YOU USED THIS SONG FOR A ROBOT DAY FLASH! I can totally see a huge factory building wicked looking robots and then unleashing them into a city to destroy. That was the image I had in my head while making this song, but if you have different ideas, then by all means use and animate them!

Enjoy! :)

And just in case any of you are wondering, all synths were made with 3xOsc with the exception of the wobble bass which was made with WASP.



I think this was pretty well composed. It certainly sounds like something industrial like a big factory creating robots. Personally it's nothing I'd ever really listen to voluntarily, but I think it would be a fantastic contender for a flash for robot day.

The skipping effect was really good, and the main synth line sounded very robotic and blended well with the factory background noise. I'm not a big fan of the bass line really. I think you could have done more with it really.

Other than that a decent tune. The intro and the ending were both done very well. Keep up the good work.

Very fitting

Yeah, I think this is an excellent robot day song, the intro is very mechanical sounding, but the lead lines were fantastic at contrasting the very heavy sounding background. I would compare it to a form of call and response, the very artificial sounding lead line contrasting with the very mechanical sounding background, I felt as if the lead line represented the robot, and the background was his creator.

The bridge was fantastic, the phase was a little boring to start with, however the cut up samples worked very well, and it built up fantastically back into the song, as well as being a nice break. It just made things more interesting to listen to.

The ending worked very well, I't really wrapped up the song nicely, and I loved the lead line fading out first, If I may come back to the analagy I made earlier, I thoughtn It sounded like the master triumphing over gis creation.


~Review request club~

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UncleSqueezins responds:

Awesome! I glad you enjoyed it :)

This is what i imagine...

(0:00-0:49) A engineer hammering away at molten pieces of metal and shaping it.
(0:50-1:17) He is making plans for his next piece of his project.
(1:18-2:12) He continues hammering with a pause, he examines it and makes finishing touches to what is the the shell of the body.
(2:13-3:00) Time fast forwards as he starts to install wires inside(first set of strums), showing days pass by from morning evening to night(bass), then begins to seal the openings of the body in different sections(second higher set of strums).
(3:01-3:05) Attempts to turn it on but with failure.
(3:06-3:30) Fixes the problem and attempts to turn it on again.
(3:31-3:53) It works but at first the robots walk is irregular.
(3:54-4:56) takes a pause then begins to move correctly with what appears to be an ammo box on one leg heading for a city on scene fading away as the engineer follows with a grin

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Robo atmosphere!!!

...definitely feels like a robot factory, kind of reminds me of the Terminator soundtrack.....i uploaded one for robot day but its more party-like....ill be making a slower more ambient one soon.......keep it up....

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UncleSqueezins responds:

Thanks :)

Yep. you won.

I admit defeat. It isn't the best-made track, but for the requirements, it works so well. I feel like tiny robots are showering my body.

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UncleSqueezins responds:

Oh come on now...you can't admit defeat so early! Your song is very robotic sounding and stands a better chance than some of the other entries I have heard. Thanks for reviewing!

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Jun 4, 2010
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