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In That Final Hour *C-Star*

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"The young soldier, along side his army, marches into his first and probably last battle. His fleeting thoughts are torn between the commander's heroic speech, the impending battle, and images of his last moments with his wife. 'In that hour, will you still love me?' is her question."

Hope everyone likes it! I've REALLY enjoyed working on this one! It would be great to get your feedback, and if anyone would like anything edited or changed let me know. Thanks for your support!

Update 6.9.10:
Pumped the volume up (Hopefully now you won't have to max your volume in order to blow out your speakers/ear drums), and I edited a few parts. Hope you like it!

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Very Inspirational

This is a very good piece, you can really feel the emotion of the piece, as if you were gearing up for one battle to end all battles. I have a question, would you allow this to be used in a non-commercial RPG Maker game? It's just for fun, and you will be given full credits as the composer of this song. Thank you again for sharing this piece with us!

CreamingStar responds:

For sure! Go right ahead and use it! Thank you very much for asking first :)