[CC+] - Fading

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and this is the third track from me n chi. you better like it :0 (or atleast try)

dont forget to vote...!


oh and does anyone know which genre this is? (i dont) ._.


I look around - the darkness drowns it all
I'm surrounded by these four walls
I won't survive - this voice cries in my head
I don't feel anything, I'm nearly dead

But if I just could change it
Take everything back - to what it was before...

You're so blind, you can't even see
What is hiding beneath, reading in between
If God did only know
But I don't think he sees me - 'cause no one sees me
But there's only one way
I'll just sleep it away...

The last teardrop - turns the fire out
All around me, it spreads about
A little girl screams - but no one else can hear
I'm praying, that she won't disappear

But if I really could change it
I don't think that I - would change anything...

You're so blind, you can't even see
What is hiding beneath, reading in between
If God did only know
But I don't think he sees me - 'cause no one sees me
But I'll sleep it away
Now I'm fading away...

I'm fading...
I'm losing everything...
Now there's only a ghost of my past
And that is all that will last...

for the instrumental go here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/369070

remove spaces from the link if you have trouble with it.

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F.E.A.R's Sad Side Theme

Little Alma watch from her small railed cell window.
She watches all the little children in the playground.
They looked so happy...
...So free...
A vague memory shows her playing the swing...
...playing the the slide...
...laughing together with other children...

She curls up to a ball in a corner, crying silently, wishing she could just have back the childhood that was robbed from her...

"...I want to go home..."

Man... It sounds almost like a fitting theme for Alma Wade from F.E.A.R.

It's a scary game IMO, but after hearing your music, I realize that she's just an innocent psychic-gifted girl abused in the name of science

This is an emotional song really. Brings back my childhood memories that I'll never have again.

combatplayer responds:

wow thanks man... this makes me want to play F.E.A.R even more than i already do... the original disc got denied by my computer and the downloaded crack version was bugged beyond playable QQ... but thanks. judging from the clips i've seen of alma it might actually fit pretty darn good... cheers


The intro has the perfect mix of beauty and grit. Vocals are certainly excellent, but I agree with some of the others that it's not normally my style. You would be a real friend if you uploaded an instrumental version... But I don't need that to enjoy the track and recognize the talent. Good stuff.

combatplayer responds:

i'll look into the instrumental thing.. and thanks.. its been requested before so its about time i upload one lol.. thanks again (though id wish you'd enjoy it too ^^')

14-10-2010: Long awaited update. The instrumental is now up~


Fantastic tune, I'm completely in love with the first verse.

combatplayer responds:

thanks man :D


this song is beautiful !
love the vocalist, sounds new and very original .
the music was powerful and full of emotion and energy.
you should be very proud ! hope you continue to make more.

combatplayer responds:

Thanks :D and yes we are working on it ;D


i think theres a unique childhood innocence to your voice not my type of music personally but i recognize the talent whats the accent? or maybe im crazy, and i agree with the comment on the lyrics while recognizing the reasoning

combatplayer responds:

haha thanks. the accent is danish lol.. and ill also link chi-x to this comment, i think she will like it

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