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Here you go - a gem of a trance song - see if you can find what this sounds like - all permission has been given in every way possible, no copyrights have been breached, yadda yadda yadda..

Enjoy! Perhaps I shall submit more to trance :)

Made in Fl studio 9.

Also I took this from one of my reviews in response to what I am sure will be bucketfuls of the same realization:

This is not a remix - a remix involves actually taking a melody and reworking it - this simply has the same foundation that B0UNC3'S Paradise on E has - he is aware of it - he's fine with it - and I'm well aware that every single person is going to make that connection - oh theyll think they're witty, they'll think noone else caught on to it - but everyone has.

also at the end of the day one cannot OWN a trance progression - so no matter how much it SOUNDS like Paradise on E - it's also 100% my submission :)

*edit* fixed the notes being out of place at the end

*edit* fixed tom being too loud

*edit* fixed the song drowning out most of the percussion issue as well :) - now it's perfect - at least for now :P

*edit* Rezie wanted MOAR BASS - so here you are - a version with MOAR BASS:

http://www.theaudioportal .com/portal/listen/321


What to say.

Well, this song seems to have it all; I'm listening to it while writing this, and so far so good. I like the transitions to the different beats, and can very well imagine the different aspects of this paradise.

To me its an island with modestly dressed but still smokin' chicks walking around;
and underwater life being the main attraction, according to the first beat (00:00-1:18) then it gets to be a dance party, with not modestly dressed smockin' chicks.

Then starting at 2:00 it gets all quiet and at 2:30 the extras kick in, resulting in a very relaxing beat while driving to the hotel with two chicks form the club.

Then at about 3:00 you mix it up the rest of the way, I can imagine a quick rewind of everything that happened that day, until I slowly sink under the waves of unconsciousness and wake up on the beach of a truly beautiful paradise.

Now, the one bit of criticism. It's not even criticism, more like a suggestion: lyrics. Now trance songs like this are undoubtedly great without lyrics but some words would make this extra special. Something to the tune of:

Now we're in paradise, you and me can't you see
Now we're in paradise, on the waves, the sand the sky.
Now we're in paradise and lets hope it never ends....
(At about 00:28, fade in refrain once)
(Repeat at about 1:03, refrain until about 1:14ish)
You and.... me...
(Refrain from about 2:00 2:24)
First 3 verses at about 2:33 to about 2:53 then stop with lyrics for the remainder.

Now, obviuosly that is just this amateur's opinion, (I actually haven't any songs) but nonetheless this song is flawless, and much deserving of its place in the ranks.
out of the abyss peer the eyes of a demon...behold the razgriz.. its wings of black sheath........

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Chronamut responds:

you know what - you get the female vocalist to sing it for me - and I'll put it in :)

also me being gay - it's humorous to see your description with the smoking hot chicks hehehe..

awesome review mate! We on this site would LOVE to have vocals in our songs - however it's always the issue of finding a singer, and there aren't really many singers on this site to choose from - so if you can find m one -I'm all for it :)

thanks for the review!



Really nice and awesome, makes me feel all happy inside
Not an easy thing to do lol j/k

Chronamut responds:

lol glad you enjoyed it man :P

thanks for the review!




Chronamut responds:

glad to hear!

thanks for the review!


Certain parts sounds familiar

What if god was one of us

That's it

Still loved it though, a 10 and 5 coming your way

Chronamut responds:


thanks for the review!



This song is awsome i just can't stop listen to it and you should really keep making great songs! 10/10!!

Chronamut responds:

I shall try :)

thanks for the review!


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