Ecstacy in Paradise+*~.0

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Here you go - a gem of a trance song - see if you can find what this sounds like - all permission has been given in every way possible, no copyrights have been breached, yadda yadda yadda..

Enjoy! Perhaps I shall submit more to trance :)

Made in Fl studio 9.

Also I took this from one of my reviews in response to what I am sure will be bucketfuls of the same realization:

This is not a remix - a remix involves actually taking a melody and reworking it - this simply has the same foundation that B0UNC3'S Paradise on E has - he is aware of it - he's fine with it - and I'm well aware that every single person is going to make that connection - oh theyll think they're witty, they'll think noone else caught on to it - but everyone has.

also at the end of the day one cannot OWN a trance progression - so no matter how much it SOUNDS like Paradise on E - it's also 100% my submission :)

*edit* fixed the notes being out of place at the end

*edit* fixed tom being too loud

*edit* fixed the song drowning out most of the percussion issue as well :) - now it's perfect - at least for now :P

*edit* Rezie wanted MOAR BASS - so here you are - a version with MOAR BASS:

http://www.theaudioportal .com/portal/listen/321

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I like it! Didn't love the original too much, but API's remix was too hot to turn down. The "changes" (I say that because it's essentially a new song) make the progression work much better.

Chronamut responds:

glad you liked man - kept the same structure just changed all the melodies :)

thanks for the review!



the song is really good but it sounds too much like paradise on e

Chronamut responds:

completely different melody - same structure though :P

thanks for the review!



simply amazing ! , i gonna listen more of your stuff right now !

Chronamut responds:

well there is lots to listen to - enjoy!

thanks for the review!


Its Really good.

I like any trance,But this is a very good one.Ive never really heard a Trance like it,

Chronamut responds:

its more eurotrance :P

kinda trashy stuff but whatever hehe :P

thanks for the review!


Goes down smooth

This is Transcendental at its finest. First off, I just have to mention the incredible music box lead-in (and subsequent reprisal around 2:00) that blew my mind right out of the gate. The perc is tight and right where it should be; not too loud, not too soft. Lots of epic synth progressions throughout, and when the music box comes back in there's a great moment of less-is-more right through the beginning of your string chords. Then the beat kicks back in and the party starts all over again. It all goes out with a bang in the stylishly epic finish. I'm not even sure how many times I've just zoned out listening while writing this review...

I definitely don't have these kinds of impressive tools at my disposal, but I would love to have you review my audio submissions sometime.

Chronamut responds:

haha I shall have to listen to some of your stuff man - ironically a lot of these techniques were first experimented with by me and B0UNC3 about 6 years ago - if you type in ChRoN0uNc3 into the author search you will see the songs we have collabbed on and the technieques we explored :)

also as I said below, if you like this one go listen to my last submitted song - paradise on E - worlds collide - it is the final evolution of this :)

and yes I am a huge fan of the celesta - not music box, although they sound very similar, celesta is more.. celestial sounding :)

thanks for the review!


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May 30, 2010
4:32 PM EDT
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