§Zeth§ Citadel of the Tainted

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Most complex work i have done this far, Need alot of feedback on the style.


Now we're talkin!

This is what i have been waitin for. This is Superior work. I could now say that u got your place in audio now!!! I could also effectivly say your work now rivals if not bests the current God of Classical Edgen (the original author to many of Dark Lord Oblivions rips) and now to tell u what that whole exp lvl up thing was. That was a symbol of how much I enjoy listening to you work and you should heavily consider making your own website. This may be one of my last reviews as I'm considering moving to deviantART as my new review hotspot. I gotta tell u though...sniff sniff...AHAHAHAH just screwin with u. Though I will stay on Newgrounds as one of the most annoying reviewers LOL
ps wtf is a Citadel

XGM-Zeth responds:

Thanks man! I wanted to be a rival of edgen, but he is still a bit above me, i will still try to reach up to his level of diversity and action.
-And as for the deviantART thingy: O.O

I was kinda waiting for your review on this one.
Thank you.

Ps: A citadel is another form of castle, or stronghold.
try searching it at google, you could find a picture there :)

You did it!!

You did it my friend!!!
You've been deserving an award for a loooong time...
Hope this calls attention to your other pieces, since some of them are better than this one( in my opinion) and were over-looked...
C'mon, start uploading all your secret stock of brilliant work!!

XGM-Zeth responds:

Thanks mate, even though i think that this is still one of, if not THE best one i've made this far :)

Oh well, Thanks again Ian :)

Awesome but could be a little better

Overall this is perfect,. but you could make this audio better if you added more relistic sounds. It sounds like you made it on a synthesiser. If you got rid of that feeling I could listen to it all day.

Thanks for a great song.

XGM-Zeth responds:

Well, I dont really know how to make it sound more realistic, as i've used a damn good reverb and the sounds are pretty decent as well.

Oh well, Thanks for the review !


This is possibly my most favourite of all your compositions. If I was to comment on one thng that needs improving, I would... but... I can't quite put my finger on it lol. It's just such a great tune.

It belongs in a film of some sort. I've seen films with music MUCH worse than this. If you're making this music legitimately/100% legally, you should be making money from it.

XGM-Zeth responds:

And still i get an eight?! oh well..
I am indeed making this music legitimately, but getting jobs when you're 14, just dont do the trick :P

-Thanks, Zeth-

this is my first review for this account...

...so be honoured.

i always noticed that on every thing you put a massive reverb.
can be good, but also may take away the realizim, but this is a VERY realistic revreb, so its cool.
This is a really nice break, that you have ater the tympani parts.
now that the beat breaks in...
i always have an issue with your snare, for some reason.
im a snare drummer in a band, and i know, for a fact, i woldnt be playing that quietly.
so just turn that up a bit...
For some reason i think that during the breaks, or something with halftiming it, you could put some hammered tubuler bells, just to add power, and foundation.
This, is, of course your greatest song, and it has completely blown me away, but, hell, im a nit picker :P

great song!

on turesday night, check out my account for my new track, Centaurion--_--(FULL)


XGM-Zeth responds:

Weird, On this one i actually got good feedback on the snare, except from you.
Oh well, First of all, I am honored :p

I dont have any decent samples of tubular bells, and the ones i download wouldnt be legal, or good.

-Im glad you actually liked the realism on this song, as that was what i focused mostly on, and the fact that it should be a soundtrack was my priorities.

-Thanks matey!-

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Oct 3, 2005
11:14 AM EDT
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