Xyirx - Dragon's Breath

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Title: Dragon's Breath
Album: Draconity
Track #08
Uploaded a fixed version of cymbal and mastered better.

A story of the brave heroes who spend their very last breath within the last embrace from who they value most in their lives. They are honorable ones who will always be remembered. Dragons....

It's actually a story of a boy who runs out to find his parents who fought valiantly in the heat of battle between human and dragons. Unfortunately, his parents are left merely breaths to tell how much they care and love him. The moments they had together would forever their past. From now on, he must lives by his own self as a dragon....

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Review Request Club

0:00-Loved the drums, they kinda felt like they were mimicking a slowing heartbeat; the dying seconds of someone as the heart stops pumping. Whether it was deliberate or otherwise, it's a really great intro.
0:11-Lovely starting strings, great that you made use of the silences as well, which in general are almost as important as the music itself in the creation of emotion.
0:34-Great addition of the woodwind instrument, just adding to the emotion conveyed in an awesome way
0:53-Nice slight discord there; wasn't expecting it, but it works well.
1:34-In two minds about the cymbal here, not entire sure it's necessary.
1:43-Think the brass could have been a touch louder, took til about 1:55 to be sure it was there at all, before that it was just an ambiguity under the strings.

The ending note I was unsure about because it doesn't really resolve itself, but then again it kind of lends itself to a feeling of uncertainty, because you're not quite sure what will happen to the young hero now that these things have come to pass. Really nicely done track overall, though. Major kudos.

-Review Request Club

Xyirx responds:

Wow....a detailed review. I'm in awe!

There was a lot of problem about the strings at first because I couldn't judge how long the pause between each part should be. But I think I've done fine since you like it, I guess. :)

About a doubt on putting cymbal, I was trying to put a climax in the following part. However, I think it's not really enough with epic-ness I've put currently. xD Maybe brass could've been louder like you said.

Thanks again for the review. xD Much appreciated.


-Honestly this is a very touching and dramatic song to me. It's amazing sometimes how much feeling and emotion can be brought up to the surface by listening to a song using just the right chords and instrument combinations.

-It's very dark and deep in the way it is portrayed which is very fitting for the song title and the story you have given it. It would of been nice to see a second more resounding climax at the end though.

-Review Request Club

Xyirx responds:

Thank you so much for the review.

Frankly, I have to say that I got stuck in the end of the song that I couldn't think of something else, so I just add a deep, dark and long bass sound to make it mysterious.

Very sad

I like the deep emotion there, which actually managed to affect me to a certain level. Love it really, really much!

Xyirx responds:

This is very unexpected that you come up here to review. Whoa....Thank you very much, Legna. <3


This piece is very impressing because of its emotions, it would fit perfectly into a game. The instruments are used very nice, this couldn't be better in my opinion. Keep up creating great tracks like this!
Would be awesome if you returned the favor and check out my newest submission.
10/10| 5/5|

Xyirx responds:

Thank you so much for the review. :D I'll still keep making more music like this one. For Draconity album, I guess there's only one or two more tracks left I haven't composed. So feel free to stay tuned or listen to my other tracks.

Sure, can do. I'll visit your page in a while. :)

Slow, expressive, excellent.

Very nice, emotional piece. The only qualm I have is the cymbal at 1:34 starts suddenly and sounds more like a "trance" cymbal than an orchestral one. Overall, an excellent slow, expressive piece. I'm really glad there's people on NewGrounds making stuff like this. :)
5/5 9/10

Xyirx responds:

Yes, I sort of notice that cymbal too. Maybe I'll do a quick fix about it. Thank you so, so much for your review. It really means a lot to me.

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4.90 / 5.00

May 24, 2010
1:56 PM EDT
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