Interplanetary Medium

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-Ahh this definitely needs some remastering. The sound is off several times in the beginning and the synth being added was by far the worst part. When it first comes in it's very rough sounding. It does get better as it progresses and mixes with the original melody that you built. Just touch up some parts in the beginning of the synth at 0:28.

-I love what you did with the melody. It's very space-y and pumps in and out at a nice pace while slowly progressing the song through each respective element. The song would of just felt empty without it. The percussion elements where blended beautifully throughout the first half of the song with it.

-The break at about 2:00 was well placed but it took away the melody that I loved so much. It just left everything up in the air floating and grasping for something solid to hold onto. Just synths alone don't really catch my attention enough to stand alone by themselves. I wouldn't of minded this if you let that be the fade out aspect of the song but you started it way too early in the song. If you would of made the ending last less time it would of worked out much better.

-Review Request Club

jxl180 responds:

Thank you very much for the helpful review!

Review Request Club

You've got a nice melody and chord progression, though I think the lead synth for the first 26 seconds is a little muffled, and could have done with being sharper just to give it more focus. The synth at 0:28 has a really nice sound to it...again, a little muffled at times, but generally adds a nice depth to the track.

The incidental synths you have at around the 1 minute mark are nicely done; generally you've got a good set of transitions throughout and enough texture to carry the main melody. One weakness I'd say would be your drums, because they don't vary all that much throughout. The other synths however work well together and the melody changes a fair bit.

The break at 1:59 is nice, and excluding the muffled synth you've got a nice airy atmosphere set up with the other synths which makes for a nice change of pace. However, by 2:25 I think it's a little too up-in-the-air, and could use more of a beat or a more prominent lead just to tie it back to the beat just a little bit, and at 2:26 another synth comes in with a different chord and it clashes a little to start with.

The ending in general is alright, but I think you would have been better transitioning back into the heavier section we saw before 1:59, just so you don't have 80 seconds of ambience; heavy is good, ambient is good, but you need to strike the balance between them and transition between them well. As it stands for the 2nd and 3rd minute you've just got this ambience which doesn't really head anywhere and eventually peters out, I think the track would have benefitted a lot from a transition back into a heavier section.

Good melody, interesting choice of chords, the one main transition you have is nicely done...has definite potential, just that first lead synth needs another look and maybe the consideration of another transition and you'll be fine. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

jxl180 responds:

Thanks for the review! I appreciate your helpful comments!


Not bad

I think it's pretty good since the melody and the kicks are nice
but one thing i just wanna say is at the end your melody fades out too quickly, it's like.....the pattern suddenly disappear

jxl180 responds:

Can you please PM me and tell me how the ending can be improved? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

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May 23, 2010
1:10 PM EDT
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