Big Red - 100

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A few weeks ago I did done reach the triple digits of fans. Thanks Newgrounds!! I wrote this piece in celebration of that and the end of the NGHH comp. I wasn't on the internet when I wrote it and dropped whatever names came to mind. Sorry to all the dudes I didn't mention, I still think you're the greatest!! It's a bit messy, but what-eva. :) ENJOY!!!!!!

ABKxMADKILLER, Acro86, Alexman159, ashmander, bahamalama, Balli154, Balodis, BeatsbyDice, bloodandgore, bocadin, Broken-Needle, Burly, ChihuahuaAmigo, ChrisCross101, Cigolini55, colbzter, Coolspongebat, crazydave001, crimsondrifter01, Curtonius, DaEntr3pr3n3ur, DaMuX, daveiscoolyeah, demonboy77, DJ-Delinquent, Doomblade64, Dsmokes, EnjoiLove, Exceptid62190, flashx457, freddyfinger, Gasmasq, Gearmasher, Gr6ndmasterG, Guile5o5, Gunner-D, GunstarGreene, hansari, haywirehaywire, HeLLsGaUrDiAn, hmmwhatsthisdo, IIPhase. JackRocker, JamieDR, JKMonkey, k1llg0r3, kikac10, KillBillvolume2, kingtaco16, KiwiOverdrive, kn94, krssvr, LadyMage, ilfozzy, lucid08, MickeyMao, MistaAyzee, mongorian, morikun, Mr-Money, Murdaa, nal1200, nanorex, Nechura, Noctrine, Novi-wan, PedroPSBro, rafael3, RemixF2D, RENstyles, rOwador, royaldusk, Sawdust, shadowhen, Shadowsofthedead, Sirhc7000, skeddles, sly384, sontuk, Spuffeld, Stalagmite, sweet21, SymbolCymbal, talls, TCboy, teddygram, TehZorzGuy, thatKFCman, The1theOnly, THEAZN, thecoreman, TheGuy100, Trailertrashthorne, traumatik1, Turbomellow, Tystarr, vishnunamboodiripad, xfreedom, your-mom2, zim1112

newgrounds, home of the kings
Underground hip hops done an blown up the scene
We got EternalXIII macking the beats,
Rode with his tracks bumpin in the back seats,
And then I dun found Yun and spawn
And I was hooked like the monster but my cookies were songs.
Early on I found burly and dex, I was confused.
I thought Newgrounds was only for nerdy dudes.
But this duo was fly.
They should be making money from this site.
It's funny, cause the more I looked,
The more talent I found.
Who knew hip hop was hiding in newgrounds.
And it don't stop, NG drops talent galore,
Haywyres a beast, freddy's album I paid for.
And gasmasq walks on water like jesus,
Rose from the grave to battle Gloine just to appease us.
Meanwhile exceptid's rippin necks
And in the other battle Delinquent's makin a wreck.
And I wish I woulda seen teddygram in the contest,
He makes sweet treats I like to eat, honest.
I meant beats, forget your innuendo.
We got enough of that, just like too much nintendo
Tracks in portal, fortunately,
We got the immortal Gunstargreene 7000 sirHC
RednWhite is tight, murdaa murders the mic,
MindChamber's got our back so we ready fight.
So Newgrounds, thanks for the triple digits
And here's to another year of makin songs about midgets.
eye to eye, lets down that glass.
And if you don't drink with us you can kiss our ass!


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Pretty good, I like how this was like a big thank you to everyone from the comp. At a few points the rhymes seemed a little forced almost like a freestyle and I definitely agree that this is a little rough, but it's still good. Biggest problem is that the ending came kind of suddenly and fast, would have been nice if you'd slowed it down a little bit for that last line, especially since the beat kind of dwindled.


I really liked the beat. I wasn't too sold on the flow or the lyrics. But it is overall a pretty killer track. Keep en comin.

This is phat, boys!

Epic rap with an epic beat about an epic site!

Fucking great!

Id drink with you

this shit is smooth

That was a decent track

The song reminded me o some singer but I can't remember who.

Well I liked the beat boxing or how ever that is spelled but you know what I mean.All the song was is no instruments just moaning and beat boxing.So you should of at least added a little more.

I did kinda like the vocals.It mentioned NG in there but I would of liked more back ground music to it though.That would of improved the score.Although paying your respects to newgrounds in your song was a smart way to go.This song is ll about newgrounds.Anything all about newgrounds gets my vote.

You should of added mor music to it which would of made a way better song.

Mentioned newgrounds a lot-1

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4.78 / 5.00

May 19, 2010
11:00 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Olskool
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