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Might - slunchy

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so i'm trying to develop my writing more,
and i'm -->trying<-- to make a song without any effects (through mixer track).
so i wrote this out ON PAPER, then copied it over and added a few transitions and
i've got an ok-sounding song, imo.
i hope you like the bass-y wave sounds, that was all analog,
and i plan to make a longer song out of this if i can get some feedback.
so let me know what you think via comments preez!


added some effects, and mastered a bit, i hope it sounds better.
info, for you music theory nerds out there:
120 bpm
the first half was written in f# minor
the second in E major locrean, for continuity.
if you guys wanted to know :P
and no, it's not REALLY bluegrass.

~again, crunchy~

wellp, i've changed a lot, mastering-wise, so it's sort of a gamble to see if NG likes it or not,
the end is really filthy, i hope you guys can handle it (also it's pretty loud).
but my main concern is the kind of people who like the first part
may not like the second,
and viceversa.
i just hope everyone listens till the end.


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Goood stuuuf

Man, i listend to your song 5 time in a row, and it didn't pisse me off. Conclusion: your song rock, or should i say, it dub XD

kjhsdgf responds:

words of wisdom.

Awesome but...

Where is 1:24 and 1:25 lol :P

kjhsdgf responds:

that blew my mind
well that's how the song goes, actually
i don't know why they added those 2 seconds

So much going on! lol

This song definitely has some personality. It's not like your regular dubstep.. lol I almost thought it should have belonged in the videogame catagory.. I like it, but to me it sounds like so much crammed up into one short song. I think if you had added a bit more time, then the transitioning wouldn't be as mashy. Lol, bu the name "Slunchy" does fit. Now I'm not music critic... but I enjoyed this. It loops well, near perfectly. I really enjoy that you used so many levels.

kjhsdgf responds:

i understand where you're coming from.
loved the critique, should really pick this song back up sometime
thanks a bunch for the review!

Here by reference

Zingy piece here, I'm inspired.

This guy told me to come here and listen to this.

THAT Someone compared my chiptune music to yours, not fair to compare I think. As each piece is always different from each other.

Oh well, at least I only used chip generated sounds....jackass...

Anyways, love this track and sorry for my negativity, my day didn't go well, later.

kjhsdgf responds:

yeah, people think all chip is alike, and i'm all like naw.
all of my sounds are manipulated chip sounds :3
thanks for the comment though, jack


Amazing song not much has to be said here. I do want to say everything in this sounded great. The sound quality is very good mastering sounds good to me. You had a whole lot going on in the song. It all worked with each other surprisingly most people on NG don't know how to throw all that stuff in there and still have it blend in together. I also love the build up to the dubstep part that was wicked the whole song just went through so smooth. The only complaint I have and I don't really want to call it that but the ending was a little odd. You had this bass part all by its self and I thought it was going to lead onto something else. It didn't sound bad or anything I was just sad that it didn't continue.

kjhsdgf responds:

yeah, i've been really busy lately,
that lead-in was meant to help the song loop better, but i took it out in my .flp anyways.
i'm glad you enjoyed the tune!
much love

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May 19, 2010
10:59 PM EDT
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