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Estiva - I Feel Fine *Remix*

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Estiva - I Feel Fine(Mau5mate's Progressive Dub Mix)

Well.. i think its finally finished :)
i changed the kick b/c i couldn't master the other one to fulfill my 'likes'
this kick has more of a progressive bass 'sound' and fits better :)

other then that.. i took a look at the little things again, and found out there was no compression on the perc's and cymb's at all...
that's why i thought they where kinda laggy..

PS: 126 BPM - 128kbps - Ganre: Progressive-Trance [housy influence]

-And; i take the responsibility of this remix[ofcourse] and understand the laws of copyrights, and will remove it when its being asked.


4:04 and on

<33333333333 sorry for not being much of an critic but i just wanted to spread my love for the tracks :))

D-Chain responds:

Awsome :)
and thats no big deal... no one really is THAT much of a critic like when they zero bomb it -.-

but thanks dude :)

Very well done

This is a very well done remix, sounds very professional.
Yea its true you do need to work on your climaxes but you're getting there
I a little sad that there were no vocals, so i totally think you should make a version with vocals lol
I also totally agree with your opinion on sidechaining. Its the easy way out, quality is definently the way to go

overall 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10- keep up the good work and let me know about future projects ok

D-Chain responds:

Thnx dude! :)
well i never have done something with vocals...
and thats b/c of a personal reason; i hate vocals, it fucks up 90% of the track tbh..
or it has to be a 'DUB mix' which cut's out most of the vocal :)

But yea i can assure you for the next 2 years i MAYBE could do a little vocal thingy...
Enough about that, side-chain.. yea you just picked the word's outta my mouth.

thanks once again!
and i shall PM you for future work :)

Hey, Retuning the favour here!

Ok so from the start - Very strong kick beat, it has bass that sounds like a one complete drum (as opposed to 3 different parts) and it has a nice punch to it. That percussion sound mixes really well and sounds very Lavkastor style. So good job with the intro drums! Great sounding bass, kind of generic but still good. Personally I would experiment with it more! BOOM here comes a very nice sounding lead but I have to tell you it seemed a little to sudden to me. You could have done a lead in with the cutoff filter to make it sound more natural. As all the elements are coming together here it is sounding great, I'm waiting for the breakdown to hit as I speak... There it is, I was expecting some deep low filtered pads to be here. As good as that bass grinding noise is I would keep it subtle and lead it in slowly while some beautiful pads bring the song through the flow. This sounds great at 3:20 very deep and emotional but once again that bass grinding sound feels like it is drowning out everything, usually for breakdowns its best to keep the emotional parts up front. Alright I'm at 4:00 and it is building up. I love that chord progression going on there. I'm at 5:08 and it sounds like this should be the climax but I honestly don't feel it. It feels like the synths are drowning out way to much of the kick, it's barely hear-able. The kick should always be completely noticeable in the mix at anytime it is playing else there is something wrong. Also you could add some sidechaining in there so you don't have to reduce the volume of anything to much and sidechaining makes your mix sound so much powerful. Something I learned recently was if you want power in your song - sidechain, sidechain, sidechain! For the outro, pretty much what I said for the intro.

Overall 9/10 - Amazing song with a few things that are a little awkward. All the synths sounded amazing and it was all very professional, you could get your name big soon with this amount of talent! It's more trance that we need like this on NG and not cheesy Eurodance. Keep up the good work and thanks for the review. I will send you the full version of my song when I have time to render (I'm sure you know all about that XD).

D-Chain responds:

w00t thnx for the long review XD never expected to get this hella favour back xD
and yes, as always.. i shall take all these hints/tipsys into the next one :)

honestly, i always seem to have a problem during the klimax..
but thatll be fixed in the future, im sure of that!

About the drowning-out, side-chaining is something i realy DON'T like xD
if there's absolutely something i hate into producing, than it would be side-chain.
mostly i try to get of of the side-chain and replace that 'part' by better quality :)

once again, thnx for the power-full review!

I dont know what to put here so i guess this works

Guy under me: Nothing is off beat it may seem like that because of the second synth that plays the rest of the melody :D

D-Chain: Amazing work!

Everything is Mastered & Compressed :D

The whole time i could here a voice that wasn't there. But the instruments compensated for that =) you really need to try to get noticed in "Club Land" because I think you could make it :D


D-Chain responds:

Hey H5-H5 !
the guy under you is kind of a friend dude xD
but yearr

im sorry for dissapointing you mate,
but vocals aren't and never will be my thing..
i just hate them :)
mostly b/c they f*ck up 90% of any trance/house song :)

you can make sooo much more out of 1 thing...
Anyways, thank you for compliment's + the whole review (;

short review here

Hey man,

Jesus christ =P, in such a short time you already have another song for 8 minutes +. You sure have a huge motivation, which is a compliment xD.

You got an amazing collection of synths, they sound very smooth and professional.

But wow 0_o, what happens at 0:45 ??.
A melody shaped synth comes in, but it goes offbeat 0_o.
Listen to it for yourself, you kinda placed some notes to early i.m.o
Thats something you might want to change.

As always, the quality is perfect, no single distortion or clipping issues.
And the mastering is also very very good.
You could increase the volume of the reversed cymbal though.
Its rather soft when not listening thru a headphone.

Keep going man,
And DARN 0_O, make ppl vote this a bit more.
im the 4th >.<

(you can also vote 5/5 on your songs yourself, to compensate the zero bombing effects.. these bastards exist =( )

D-Chain responds:

Wow omg xD shoirt review, still a long one :)
thanks for the first compliment.
my motivation comes from nowhere else but my heart
in a sudden i have something what i want and BAM.. there i go..

anything what happens @ 0:45 isnt off beat..
i did also find it weird myself.. but after 7 time's checking it still wasn't off beat :)
it just may look like it IS offbeat.

and thanks for the 2nd comliment :)
my mastering just sucked these times..
and i needed a remix to make realy bad.

and again, i shall look at the reversed cymbal :O haven't noticed it yet :)
i know ppl zero bomb me ¬¬
but i shall make anything happen.

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4.21 / 5.00

May 19, 2010
5:57 AM EDT
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