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{-=Bugg=-} Fresh Start

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Appropriately named "Fresh Start", this is my first Trance track. I've made Dance and House but I don't believe I had a knack for them, so here I am!

This song could've been better if I spent more time on it, but I was eager to get it out there :P. As I said, it is my first Trance song, so please Rate, Review and Download. Constructive criticism is welcome!

Listen, Feel, Enjoy!


Generic, solid feel.

Pump up the bass a little and you got one sick tune. I love trance beats/tracks with a heavy bass to them, and i feel like if you pumped that bass out a little more it'd be heavenly.


I liked the song, the beats, the sound of the drums, but the song is WAYYY TOOO REPETITIVEEEE, it kept repetiting the whole beat the whole song, that wasn't good, you gotta variate in trance songs, I see you used different beats, but the song still kept repetitive, you variated a lot, but there were many other repetitions, the drums were OK, but again, the same beat.

I really liked the end and the beggining, the song ended well, it sounded nice, you did a nice job with the beggining, too, it sounded fast and loud, what is great in a Trance song. Also, that quiet part was nice, too, I liked the way you builded the beat again, it had a great sound, I liked the way the song beat came back to the song, it was awesome.

What can I say? You repeated a lot, but you did a genial work in some parts of the song, keep it up, man, but don't forget to variate a lot in your other songs, oK?? You have a great potential!!

(Review Request Club)

BuggMusic responds:

Thank you very much! Surprisingly enough, it never really occurred to me to variate the drums. I will apply this advice with my next songs!

"Trance Song"

For your first Trance song, this is really good, in fact, the percussion sounds great with some effects, nice job. In my opnion, you should do some improvments in the melodies, like they sound the same every time, so turns the song a little boring, you should try to change for some parts of the song or in some specific time. My favorite part is during 02:20, in that like "classical" part of the song, this was good.

This trance song was very well modeled, with great transitions, good percussion, good effects, I just think that you should change your melodies to a thing not so repetitive, out this, your song was nice. Good luck with your future projects.

~Review Request Club~

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BuggMusic responds:

Thank you very much! I will try and make more interesting melodies!


-I'm probably going to be that annoying reverberation of what you have heard earlier by saying this but it's such a generic trance song. I know that it is your first time putting your foot out and trying to do something in this specific genre but it's better to think outside the box and add your own spice to the mix than to do what has been done a million times before. The melodies that you used were rather generic and were very simplistic and repetitive throughout the entirety of the song. There wasn't anything that really kept me interested or focused on the song.

-I'm sorry but trance really isn't my style of expertise and I may not be able to tell you exactly what to do to make your trance works better but I can give you some hints and nudge you a little. That long down point you had somewhere in the middle was a good way of changing pace but it was just way too long and way too low. It's always great to have variety in your songs but try to keep everything more compact and concise rather than dragging things on. It keeps the listener more interested and doesn't make you want to leave the page.

-Review Request Club

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BuggMusic responds:

Thank you! I will try to make my next productions less generic!


I have to admit, for your first Trance song, I'm very impressed. The production is decent, it has some good effects, and it's well structured. The drums were also pretty good too. Actually you seem to know what you're doing, as if you've been doing Trance for at least a month or two :D. Unfortunately, while I was extremely impressed by this being your first Trance song, it still requires a bit of work.

Melodies are probably what annoyed me the most here. They were very simple and repetitive. Whilst they are slightly catchy and echo in your head a little after you finish hearing the song, they just don't cut it. It sounds like you used only like 5 or 6 different notes for the main melody, and this combined with the fact that it repeats so much makes the song get quite boring, unfortunately.

Another thing is, as Fro said, that this song is quite generic. I agree with Fro that Trance songs such as this one limit what you can do quite a bit, but if you look at some songs here on NG (such as this one [remove space]: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/300653) you can see that even with such a limited genre you can achieve a unique sound (if you hear the song I linked above, you'll hear a guitar, a melody made of voice-like sounds, and some cool snare/sweep effects. This song has quite generic synths, and I think it could definitely benefit with some cooler, more unique sounds :).

The synths, as I said above, were generic. While I like some of the reverb you put on the synths, this could do with some better synths. Heck, maybe even add a real instrument like a guitar, or maybe F-777 style and add a pan flute xP. Also, some pads in the break would work well.

The transitions were great. There were some reverse cymbals and sweeps to transit from one section to another, and new synths were introduced really well. The transition at 3:23 was also very good. The only transition I'll complain about is the one at 2:00. While it's not actually a bad transition, I think it could definitely do with being more interesting or smooth. Also, as Fro said, the break that follows was too quiet. Well, not exactly too quiet, but just too plain. Add some soft pads, maybe a few subtle sound effects and stuff. I don't think that break really achieved what it supposed to achieve, which is the listener going "Oh wow that is so cool" because instead I just went "Eh?" :P. So while it's good to have a few breaks here and there, I think this break lacks in the epic department a little...

The structure was a typical Trance structure. It starts with a minimal beat, a kick/clap comes in with a sweep, the kick disappears for a bar, a melodic synth is introduced, the main melody fades in, plays a little, then a break, a buildup, repeats a bit more, and the the song ends. It's a good structure, but I think you should be a bit more creative in your structure. I really don't know how many times I've hear the same structure in Trance songs... As for the variety, it wasn't too special :/.

Intro, albeit generic, was good. Transitions over here were professionally executed, and the buildup was good. I've heard the exact same intro in another Trance song though xD. Anyway, as for the ending, it was OK, but you might want to end it with the percussive hit you did at 2:27. Right now, it sounds a bit unfinished, if you get what I mean :/.

The drums, whilst being typical Trance drums, were good. I was hoping to see some cool percussive sounds here and there in the drums, although all I got were open hats, kicks, and reverbed claps. Still, the drums fit pretty well in the song, and although I think your kick could be a bit bassier, drums in all were good ^^.

Overall, this is excellent for your first Trance song. My biggest gripe with it would be that it's really generic, so I think that in your future Trance songs, originality may be what you should go for :). Still, even though I gave you an 8, I must say that I'm still impressed by this, so keep it up and good luck in your future submissions :D.
5/5 - since it's your first Trance :3.

-Review Request Club-

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BuggMusic responds:

Thank you for such a long review! I will take all this advice!

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