Atm.bring Me Down.EDIT

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AtM. Bring Me Down.Influx/ Produced by:CKC2000- http://ckc2009.newgrounds .com/

Started writen on the beat when I reviewd it and finished lyriks eventually. Oddly enough I erased the new shit that I wrote after I recorded, lol dumb ass. Well Here ya go, that real shit.

EDIT- Remixd the vocals though out, Finished writing lyrics

Verse 1
Touched by an angel you could say that i'm blessed
But if heaven and hell were the angles you'd be acute at ur best
I am obtuse while I stretch, cover the demographic
so static while demonstrating at different attractions
I'm livin just for the action, adrenal gland is wide open
I dream of glamour with fortune and fame, A grammy I'm holdin
So if you live by my notion, you should get up and take action
they'll never bring you down as long as u keep makein it happen

Verse 2
Don't bring me down today, I'm too high u can see the way it's lighting my face
I woke up inside the subtle grasp of serenity's embrase
Nan lace on my shoe tide, layin in bed still dreesd, drunk on sum moonshine
Lifted like the last time I chomped a double stack down
But i'm past the bull shit, I don't know how to act now
Smash out and catch a different lane on every different street
But they'll never stop me drop the clutch and let the tire squeak

Verse 3
I Admit I have a large head, You'll never led the zeppelin
You can't bring me down because i'm way too fuckin credited
Crackin with a leather whip, roll tide quikly
No sight's shootin from the hip if they ain't wit me
Don't dress spiffy so don't take my photo
A black belt in rappin cuz I'm always in the dojo
Promo code on every flow the won't indict me federal
But they still try to bring me down, it's sumthin thats inevitable

Verse 4
I'ma a trainwreck waitin to happen on up in aspen
Colder than an eskimo, flow until im crashin
Masked like i'm bout to ski, float below the radar
but never go to white mountains i'm posted with an AR
Stay sparked, witty like a sitcom
lifted from the nitty gritty swith the lane and get on
transfer traffik from the ladies to lift ya lid on
you think I'm stallin out? i'm here to say u dead wrong
headstrong, young individual goin entrepernurial
Treat my crops like a stock and check on em while I eat serial
afterward free material, engineer a new cypher
take a bite out of rap like i'm useing all my incors
tareing up the dividers, a provider of the real sound
you could bring me down before you tell me how u feel now

Look in the mirror I can see that there's much more to this life
then livein down in the gutter as we just struggle through nights
and days, pay too sparse for my ends meat
Tryin to fill my belly I might see the penitentiary
Hammond wanna lynch me, he Heard I wanna legalize
then southern judges see you herd the duckies so the demonize
if and when you even try but they can't hold you down if you proper
so keep your face and never let em know you really a monster

Hahaha, And I way too pressed to type out the rest 8e Sorry folks!!!!

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Take these bars!

Take these bars against any of the great hip-hop/rap songs and this stands in the same class. This is a classic between the flow, lines, and the subliminals. Invigorating, soothing, and inspirational. Sorry if it sound like I'm cheezin. :X
Anyhow, mad propz. One.
Favorite line:
if and when you even try but they can't hold you down if you proper
so keep your face and never let em know you really a monster

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

Awesome man, love the review, it's got me cheezin HA


I was confused about the flow of the verses as I was reading the lyrics, but once I caught it.... This song is really amazing.

I know your kind of smoking habits, and that's the reason that I'm attributing to this song being anything other than epic. I think with a bit more thought and planning, this could really go far. Your imagery and rhymes are wicked!

But I think the listener probably needs a break to kind of soak in what you just said and get ready for the verse to come. I'm just realizing this myself, but this is where Choruses come in.

Still, awesome song. Favorited.

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

Yea, I've been workin on hooks alot I usually just do an 8 bar for it. I can't sing for shit tho, so I just rapped the entire song ha, Real busy schedule now so when I had sumthin I just did it, I didn;t even have all of the lyriks written when I mixed and posted lol, then I deleted em HaHahah, smokein habits. Thanx for the shout, stay up

ok ok

Very deep words right here! Wyze said it right "tons of great lines" My favorite was "promo code on every flow" indict me federal? thats some shit that inevitable! They always trying to bring ya down! Ya gotta look up and to the future..Great depiction! Oh yea awesome beat selection! Props to CKC on that! Well keep up!

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

I'm lookin straight forward, not even periferaly. My goals is getting closer with every hurdle I leap

haha so dope man.

dude love this so much.

dope lyrics

ur got sum great lyrics, voice etc bruv so sick..

only prob the intro maybe its my fault witht eh distortion and the kinda crowdedness feel

haha anyways


-¦- CKC -¦-

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

The intro is fucked because my computer sux way bad to add any more kind of EQ, Processor= Lame. I can go back and try to do sum tweaking, throwin on sum lil effects. Thanx for the great music, the only reason I could hit this up is because it's so epic and inspireing


There's a lot of great lines in this one. "A black belt in rappin cuz I'm always in the dojo" Is probably my favourite.

Keep up man.

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

thanx man, This is kinda off the wall, but it all has to do with me never falling =)

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May 12, 2010
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