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So far, No good

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Author Comments

I always use music to exorcise my demons. This time I'm going to need more than just music. This song is not as deep as my thoughts right now but this song is quite relevant as for what is happening with me right now. My heart's a rusty Ferrari, my mind's a dead Cinderella.

I recorded this at home on my pc and I'm sorry about no drums. There's a loop in the background that keeps it somehow in control. So, if you're going to say that it would be better with drums, I'm going to say "no shit?". The bass might be a little loud if your speakers/headphones are low quality. With mine this sounds good.

i think i'm gonna have to take another day off
i need to think i need to drink this through
don't you tell me that i should buckle up
since you are the reason why i am fucked up
i know that i bore you, i know i make you sick
i know i'm not what you wanted me to be
i'm trying my hardest to breathe the fucking air
but there's no ventilation in this jail

if i ain't good enough
then get the hell away from me
then make your escape from me
then fuck your way away from me
i don't need a day of being pushed around

on a road called life i'm trying to hitchhike
cause my feet are tired of walking downhill
i always survive somehow everytime
yet i don't know a single answer to the question why
switched around the effect and the cause
now i don't fucking know who i am anymore
i tend to go far - so far, no good
but this lie reminds me of the truth

if i ain't good enough
then get the hell away from me
then make your escape from me
then fuck your way away from me
that's the way ya been doing since the day one

too lazy to erase
too lazy to create
too lazy to change
too lazy to stay the same
too fucked-up to love
too fucked-up to fuck
too fucked-up to hold on to
everything i've got

if i ain't good enough
then get the hell away from me
then make your escape from me
then fuck your way away from me
kick me in the face baby spit on me
if i ain't good enough
then get the hell away from me
then make your escape from me
then fuck your way away from me
i don't need a day of being kicked
when i'm down


Fug bugglin' awesome

The only qualm I have is that the singer should take deeper breaths. I'm pretty sure he could hit more ravenous tones. You can sing better than that, I can hear it. Try breaking that threshold.

Wreck it your next submit!

ShanZE responds:

You are absolutely right about taking deeper breaths! I'm aiming to focus more on the vocals on whatever I'm putting out next.

Frickin' good.

Fucking sad too.
i mean, actually, is that you? 'am sorry so.
Some part of lyrics remind me... me. Even if I feel closer to "poor invisible me"...

Fucking nice one but I don't pretend to hunderstand you 'cause i never had a girl or boyfriend. But when I read this lyrics, I feel something damn' familiar adn painful.

Not good enought and lonly, Fuck yeah...

nice song man.

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ShanZE responds:

I didn't notice I haven't responded to this but yeah, thank you! It's really cool that you can relate to this! There's a better version of this song on my album "Relationshit Revisited". I'm working on new things, lots of things going on, I'm not sure what's gonig to be finished first. But new music coming up!

Good enough

Damn dude nice jam. Only a demo? Coulda fooled me.

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ShanZE responds:

i think i nailed the quality pretty well this time. i have realized that it's better to mix things down instead of putting all to MAX :D i'm happy to hear that i coulda fooled you, next time i won't even mention it! i also like to call songs without drums "demos" cause i feel like i'm offering something half-assed in a pretty box if i don't make it clear that i'm well aware that the song's incomplete in a way or another.


Simply amazing, keep it up man.

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ShanZE responds:

funny that you call it beautiful but i'll take that, thank you! i see it more like something beautiful that has been brutally decapitated...or something

Signs of true ROCK !!!

Great guitar licks & chops. You've got soul man, and that's what matters. I felt the emotion trough and trough. A true rock song, no more no less (and it even loops nicely :D). I don't particularly miss the drums (although it would sound more complete, but hey, I don't really care) so here you go: 5/5

Cheerz, and keep writin'n'playin' \m/

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ShanZE responds:

Yeah it does loop actually :D thank you for those words, i think i was actually pissed-off enough to pull this off without even trying since i wrote and recorded the whole song in one day. i was writing the lyrics at work while having a terrible hangover and i had just skipped one day because of the same reason. i was having lots of problems and when i got home and started playing my guitar the song just appeared and hit me straight in the face with a ten-ton fuckin' fist! i'm glad you like it, i even like this myself and this time around believing in myself was finally worth it! drums someday. more music soon, somehow.

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4.25 / 5.00

May 12, 2010
2:51 AM EDT
File Info
6.5 MB
4 min 44 sec

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