Minuet in F

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EDIT: Replaced with a better version

This piece is so fun to play, It ranges from very easy to extremely difficult stretches

I made the motif a long time ago, and decided to expand on it today while waiting for the dentist. I Am pretty happy with the way this came out, and I hope you guys enjoy it. It may sound familiar, but this is my original work.

Please excuse the sloppiness, I'm no virtuoso and I just finished this piece 5 minutes prior to recording.

If you would like the tabs or score, please email me or pm me here with your e-mail

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Review Request Club

The start of this isn't what rings of similarity, but the section 0:20-0:28 seems like a nottodistant relative of a tune I for the LIFE of me I can't remember the name nor artist of. If I remember I'll send you a PM or something about it...but anyway.

It's really neither here nor there. The tune I'm thinking of isn't the same, it's just similar, and only just. So I'd still say this was definitely an original track, for sure. You know yourself when a track is an original, so if someone tells you different, feel free to ignore them. xD

Anyway, the track itself! Awesome minuet. Especially impressive as you only finished it so close to the recording.

I love the naturalness of your tracks; you can tell they're being played by an actual person, and yet are still so accurate. There's a few rushed notes (0:39) and a few light buzzes from strings (0:44ish?), but nothing that really impedes the track, and if anything adds to the atmosphere. You can tell it's a piece you enjoyed playing, and it's definitely, yet again, a piece you could listen to on loop for hours on end. Which I'd do, were it not for the fact I have other songs to review xD. So I'll download it instead. Fair trade?

Really nice work, yet again. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

Darkmaster603 responds:

Thanks for the review. I need a better guitar, because while some mistakes are mine, a lot of them are from a crappily built guitar. I play hand made Alvarez guitars and i don't seem to make as many mistakes. I may just not notice it though.

The song, which I didn't realize, sounds similar to Minuet in Gmaj by Bach, but I haven't even listened to that song for a few years, just coincidence lol. He's my favorite composer, so a lot of my baroque stuff will be in the style of Bach, or atleast try to be.

I wanted to play this without any mistakes, but there was a few in there. I wanted to re-record and get rid of them, but I thought I liked it better that way. I think it kind of authenticated the playing. So many instruments have VST's for them, but guitar will never be able to sound like the real thing.

Thanks for the review, I really appreciate it!

Really good.

Really enjoyed that... really did.

Darkmaster603 responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it.

A bit short

-I honestly can tell why some people think this isn't an original work and think you are just playing someone elses. The beginning twenty or so seconds sound awfully close to another great classical song but I don't know the name of it. The rest is entirely different though so it should be obvious it's your work.

-Are you using a classical guitar for this? I can't tell if it is one or a newer type of guitar. I'm having an awful time trying to decide if it is or not. Anyway it sounds really good. You mentioned something about construction noise but I guess the edit was uploading another version without it.

-Everything was so calm in the beginning but it eventually picked up and the difficulty of the tabs to be played. I think you did a fine job with writing and following up with the actual play of the song. It's well structured and even though you think it's sloppy it's better than a lot of the stuff i've heard.

-The only thing that I think that could be changed is make it longer. It doesn't need any additonal instruments or anything like that but at a little over a minute and a half it's a small piece. It shouldn't be too difficult to add something to it.

-Review Request Club

Darkmaster603 responds:

Well, I'm considering making it longer but it's only a minuet. The longest one I can think of is one by Beethoven and it's 2:30. I may do a String Quintet with it though (two violins, viola, cello, guitar).

This is a normal nylon string guitar. Classical guitarist have nails that change the tone of the guitar, so maybe that's why you thought it was something different. Writing this I started with a baseline that goes down the F major scale, so I guess it may kind of remind you of Air.

I just always listen for mistakes instead of listening to the song.

I may consider extending the B section

Thanks for the review!

I remember this :D

I remember playing the melody on the cello a while ago, nice version you got there

Darkmaster603 responds:

This is actually an original composition


wow this is a good song

Darkmaster603 responds:

Thanks for listening, Glad to know you enjoyed it :)

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