Super Mario RPG: Boss Rush 2!

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Hey NG! Finally got this one finished up. This marks our first official FL/Logic hybrid mix (in terms of instruments). Anyway, let's run through the stats:

Runtime: 2:25
BPM: 140
Soundfonts Used:
-SGM v2.01: Jazz Kit

Guitar: Epiphone Custom Shop Silverburst Les Paul through Line-6 POD
Bass: Schecter C1 Elite Bass

I'll need Joe (chocosoda) to tell you what instruments he used in Logic. This was mixed and mastered in Logic Pro 8.

Anyway, we appreciate your reviews if you happen to leave them. :D


this song is the fragle

this is great im not so good at writing reviews so ill say you are amazing. why cant i play this shit.sooooo mh good job man

Joshy676 responds:

Thanks for your review. :D


I really enjoyed it, only thing I would do differently would be to tune the bass up just a tad, it sounds drop D (or close to) I just think that it might sound better if it was tuned up.

Joshy676 responds:

Sean, it's supposed to be in Drop C in any case. It's supposed to sound like it's in a dropped tuning because it is.

Thanks for your review. :D

Some parts are better than others

I wish it would have gotten started a little faster. At least I recognized the beginning, unlike the guy below me, but I will say that I wish it had started the melody sooner. Also, I didn't quite like the guitar you used for the bass line. It sounded too... "scratchy"? I don't know how to describe it, but I feel there are better instruments you could have used for the bass line that would have fit better. Aside from that, no major complaints. I really like the way the part at 1:20 sounds. Keep it up! You make some pretty awesome video game remixes, and have good taste in games, as such you're on my favorites list. This has always been one of my favorite battle themes, so I love that you choose it!

Joshy676 responds:

Thanks for your review. My complaint is that my brother mixed the bass so low AND DIDN'T PLAY WHAT I WROTE. >:(

You tried a bit too hard.

I didn't recognize any of it until after 45 seconds because you, for want of a better word, butchered it too much. The rest of it is just....yuck.

Joshy676 responds:

I'm sorry, what? First, listen to the first Super Mario RPG: Boss Rush on my audio page. Then, do me a favor and pick up a MIDI file for "Big Boss Battle" from Super Mario RPG. Pay particular attention to the bass line at measure 3. IT'S THE FIRST HINT OF WHAT THIS IS A MIX OF. As for "butchering" and "yuck," just because you don't like it doesn't mean you're right. It means you're picky.

If you couldn't figure it out from there, that's your problem, not mine. Out of the ten reviewers on this track and some 55 or so on the other, you and that other guy further down below are the only two hopeless cases.

You know what IS "yuck," though? You've had an account on NG for all of 24 days, have no favorites, no submissions, and 26 music reviews, none of which are more than a couple of sentences long or have any real substance to them. Hell, half the time you don't even know what the hell you're talking about.

In other words, I'm disregarding your review. Try again next time, kid.


this is the idea of mix i meant with ur other version lol nice

Joshy676 responds:

Thanks for your review. :D

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May 10, 2010
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