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Hello good people of the world,

It's been a while since I last placed something here in the audio portal, so here you go: my latest creation. Not sure what genre I had to put this under, so I put it under classical because that seemed the most fitting to me.

Hope you guys like it, I spent quite a bit of time writing and mastering this. Any feedback is much appreciated!

Technical info and stuff:
Key: C minor
BPM: 140
Time signature: 4/4

Tried to make a nice soothing song this time, hope it worked out all right ;)



The subtle beauty of the beginning is awesome... I really can't stress that enough. So usable in a multitude of medias... The end I felt was somewhat anti-climatic though. The guitar part could easily be enhanced by the expression and feeling of a human playing it (Not too mention the guitar part was extremely playable). Overall I'd say this is a very good piece with a moving and resonating theme. Well Done!

*I've reviewed your piece, so pay it forward by reviewing someone else's. Find a random piece in the classical genre from the AP and give it a listen. Then write a good, honest review. And make sure to copy this into your review so that they too can review.*

EagleGuard responds:

Thanks, glad to hear people like it. About the guitar part... yeah... I'm trying to work on the sound of my guitar samples. I don't play the guitar that well and I can't record non-midi instruments with Reason either. I'll try to make the guitar parts better in the future, though ;)

Thanks for the review!

Review Request Club

Nice introduction, the harp adds a great sense of pace to the relatively slow-feeling strings without weighing them down too much. You've got something of a heaviness from the drums, but a more hopeful feel from the harp, strings and brass, so you've got that aspirational kind of feel that the title would suggest, but I think it maybe could have done with having a slightly heavier counterpoint to work on, to illustrate what it is that someone needs to not give up on; what conflict that happens either before or after this event to require such an uplifting theme.

Although you've been relatively minimalistic in what each of your instruments does, the arrangement of them leaves them to not sound repetitive, which is always a good thing. The guitar, while unexpected, works very well and acts nicely as a break between the more orchestral instruments and the piano/harp ending. The piano could have maybe done with a little more sustain, but it's not that much of a problem. The harp itself is probably the highlight of the piece as it ties everything together nicely and with the snare gives the string that much needed pace; I think without the harp, especially, this piece could have dragged a whole lot, but it didn't here because you worked with the different instruments well and created something pretty damn cool. Keep it up, definitely.

-Review Request Club

EagleGuard responds:

Thanks for taking your time to write that review, much appreciated :)

About the counterpoint, I'll think about it. I'll try to think about it next time I write a new piece.

About the sustain, oh well, I thought it was fine the way it was. Everyone has their own opinion though, perhaps it would be slightly better with a bit more sustain, but I'm lazy xD

Yeah, you're right, the harp is probably what keeps the song alive, it was also the first thing I added xD

Thanks for the review, will try to keep it up! ;)

At it's finest

-This is classical music at one of it's greatest aspects. The fact that it uses those instruments that aren't used a lot and uses them at their best to convey a feeling that other instruments can't.

-This is what you did very well with the harp. It's so soothing and keeps everything flowing nicely and in tune with the piano. So to me you accomplished your goal to a high degree. I didn't expect the guitar(classical?) at all. It's part might of only been thirty seconds towards the end but it gave it that variety and suprise it needed.

-All in all I think you did a great job of mastering this track and making it sound as good as it possibly could have.

-Review Request Club

EagleGuard responds:

Thanks! I always like to use classical instruments in my songs, as they tend to be able to bring forth a lot more emotion than for example electronic instruments.

Yeah, electric guitars aren't exactly classical, but I thought it'd be nice to spice things up in that part and to add something new ;)

Thanks for the review =)


What an amazing piece of classical music that really has some great variation and instruments thrown in there. I'm not sure why or how the guitar fits, but it really works so well that I'd consider asking you for a bigger part for that guitar.

The harp is the real centre piece of this track and as a result, it's quite "light and fluffy", though the backing strings and the drums do lend a more sombre and grounded atitude, as if there is combat either ahead or just behind. It doesn't quite have the emotion and pace to be something that really grabs your attention, taking it further to a real life or death situation for me, but you're one of the better artists on this site that can protray a huge gamut of emotion in a few minutes of music.

[Review Request Club]

EagleGuard responds:

Wow, thanks! Wasn't too sure about the guitar part, but I'm glad it worked out OK ;)
About it not really 'grabbing your attention', you're right, that's something I have to work on.

Thanks for the review!

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May 9, 2010
7:30 AM EDT
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