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This song is about inspiration (duh), and how hard it is to obtain at times. The way I see it, this song represents the process one must go through in order to learn, create, and sometimes teach at a higher level. This is obviously different for everyone, which makes it such an interesting topic for me.

So go ahead, get inspired! Or if you don't like it, then tell me what went wrong for you.

Hopefully it's not a lot.

P.S. Hardcore fans of my music (are there any? lol) will notice that the chorus is reminiscent of a certain part of one of my earlier tracks, "Mentality Breach". It was an idea that I decided I could expand on, so once again, let me know how that went!

EDIT: Fixed some levels.

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And a Fan
check me out

Birdinator99 responds:

Cool; I sure will, and thanks for listening!

Burgundy Columns

I just had to say... I have no idea why, but this song reminds me of a black and white grid wall and burgundy wooden columns, with blue sky in the windows... whatever that's supposed to mean.

Birdinator99 responds:

I'll keep that in mind XD

Thanks for listening!

Review Request Club

0:00-Like how the start is just the one line of melody; as if you were just paying on the piano and thought of something, really links back to the idea of the track.
0:28-This long sustain was perhaps a little overdrawn, but went into a cool section afterwards
1:04 think the lead was a little too muffled, but the really quite background-y synth that comes in is cool
1:21-The cymbal crash here is a little too loud in relation to the rest of the track, but I like how the hi hat has a bigger part for a few seconds
1:35ish-The fact the melody is sort of constantly evolving throughout the song is a really nice touch
2:05-Lead synth is too loud, but cool choir sound underneath it
2:52-Interesting change in mood. One of the cymbals sounds a little odd, but everything else sounds very awesome.
3:20-Guitar comes in to support the melody, think it was a bit much to have continuing on for as long as it did as it's been the same melody for a while, but that's not that big of a deal.

Nicely done track, in all. Kudos on the originality.

-Review Request Club

Birdinator99 responds:

Thanks very much; I agree on the last part, though -- it was a little too long!

A tad bit faster...

The song sounds really nice. I like the melodies and the drums here. But in my opinion it could be a tad bit faster. Not much faster and no higher pitch or something like that, just this tiny bit faster... I think it would sound better.

However, the song of course isn't bad the way it is now. The melodies get stuck in the head really quickly and I found myself humming along to it the second time I listened to the song. Nice work!

{ Review Request Club }

Birdinator99 responds:

Yea, I plan on doing faster songs in the near future, so don't worry about that. I'm glad it got stuck in your head though :D

Thanks for listening!


-You've won! What is it that i've won? Inspiration silly! Well at least you've drummed up enough inspiration out of me to do my first review off of the lengthy list of requested submission that we have this time around in the Review Request Club. This song is much different from most of the stuff I listen to. It's really slow and a bit ambient but it caught me as something that's working in a different direction.

-The overall melody was very well put together. It was very free flowing and while it didn't change a whole lot throughout the duration of the song it was really fruity and cheerful. This gave it the driving force that I usually look for in a song. Something that really pushes the song forward and keeps you interested. I also found the sound to be of relatively good quality and helped me focus on the song better. It isn't the best i've heard so maybe some mastering might be in need here but it's not a requirement.

-Anywho i'm quite satisfied with the length of the song being over four minutes. It allowed you to have several buildups and incorporate the drums into the song nicely. The beginning stayed very stagnant for too long and could be shortened or brought in more percussion earlier to supplement it. The keyboard is one of the few instruments that can be really interesting by itself but it can always use some help here and there. I will have to say my favorite parts were the buildups into the cymbals(i've come to find out that I love the use of cymbals in instrumental only songs). It always sped up just a little bit and brought the main melody back in a resurgence. Everything, as I said earlier, was very free flowing and it progressed nicely throughout. Bringing you to the suttle ending where you brought everything to a close in a nice timely manner.

-It's not the best work i've seen but it gets it's points for originality. I'd much rather see interesting new music be made than the normal dance and techno that has really been flooding the portal lately. Just keep doing what you're doing and with time you will improve.

-Review Request Club

Birdinator99 responds:

Mmm I like what I hear; thank you!

lol yeah this wasn't mastered very well. I'll probably be taking another look at the bass soon.

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May 8, 2010
6:15 PM EDT
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