I-Saved-The-World: FL Core

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Here's my current submission for Rig's audio competition - the fruity core contest.

Made entirely using the defaults for fruity loops 9. I will most likely update this file as i work towards finishing it more. For now, here is the first rough.

***UPDATED x1***

Things i used : Sytrus, 3x osc, wasp, various default samples, etc.

Thanks for listening :)


Review Request Club

Nice introduction with the voices! I like how there were different parts of the vocals seemingly within each side of the stereo; or at least the 'oh, yeah' seemed to come from the left in these crappy headphones. The synths as well had a nice sense of buildup at the start, and the kind that's subtle enough that you don't actively hear it, but prominent enough that you get to 40 second of having heard the same thing and realise you haven't found it repetitive, so nicely done there.

The vocal slicing in general by 1:00 onwards is really cool, and adds a bit more of a rhythmic aspect in as well, with the start of the sample becoming a kind of stuttered 'are' sound. The pitchbends at 1:52 were a really nice touch, and by 2:02 you've messed with the original melody to make it sound pretty new-sounding, even though it's gone through pretty much the entire track. The same with the vocals, you've done a lot of effects to it as well as none at all, which makes it sound far more varied than it should, given what small source materials you have.

In general, you had a nice variety with the vocals and the synths. One place to work on would be the drums, as they were quiet quiet and didn't really play half the role they could have done in the track. All in all though, it's quite a solid piece of music.

-Review Request Club

I-Saved-The-World responds:

Thanks for the review :) It was really hard for me to make the drums work, since it was so limited. i should have spent more time on them. I spent most of my time on the synths. xD

Good start

-I never even knew there was a genre called fruity core. I'd heard music similar to this but I just assumed it fell into another techno genre. I guess I learned something today.

-The main melody stayed very consistent with increasing levels of bass. You layered this very nicely since everything flows together. The vocals are inserted it seems at random but the repeated line doesn't have any drawbacks as far as becoming stagnant and repetitive. You did plenty of variation around it to make it sound good.

-Even though there were parts that stayed almost the same throughout you added so many additional layers that were very dynamic. Transitioning from a fast paced fruity sound to a slow paced more vibrant sound in parts with vocals.

-I'm going to have to gripe about the percussion. It was very weak and was drowned out for most of the song. You could hear it well in the intro but even then it doesn't sound that good. Try using something different in my opinion.

-It's a good start but a few tweaks here and there would help it sound better.

-Review Request Club

I-Saved-The-World responds:

Thanks very much for the review. :) fruity core isnt really a genre, it just means that i was using all the stock effects from FL studio to produce it. Sadly, this is also one of the reasons the drum kit sounds so... blahhh. xD

Again, thanks for your review :)



I especially liked the vocal slicing, the raw 3xOsc supersaw, and the WASP bass (lols, I think I got the synths right)

The slides are especially nice, but the percussion could be replaed with the better percussion found in the demo projects.

Other than that, great song, for Fl Core anyway xD

I-Saved-The-World responds:

haha thanks for the review :) you got the synths right.

stupid default percussion... ill have to take another look... again. xD

ya know

For techno, i gotta say. Though its not my bag. Its not bad. Everything sounds in time, the key is good. Im not really learned on techno, but the bass sounds a little too loud for me. Thats really my only point. Otherwise this would he a great song for the next puzzle game. Definatly. 8) 8/10 4/5

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May 8, 2010
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