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[SxHx] Prfkt.Tempo (REFIX)

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Author Comments

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/378320

theres the new version!!


As my old version had some decent views, I decided to use some of the production feedback I got, and change a few things.

Clap sound
Distortion on the kick now has a sidechain, and is less overbearing.
FEW new vocal effects and mixing.
Volume Adjustments

This is Hardstyle/Jumpstyle techno so if you give feedback please keep the genre in mind. Personal preferences mean nothing to me, but I definitely appreciate the feedback otherwise - as it strung up this updated version!

Thanks again to everyone who gave solid feedback. And for those who havent heard the song before, hope you enjoy hardstyle!

Also to those who dont know, lyrics:

Eyes lock, watch him while the bass drops. Bodies jumpin on the floor, now I let my game drop.

I appreciate reviews even if its just "Hate" or "love" :)



its quite catchy like a disease and its just bang bang bang on my head if i aint careful this disease is gonna leave me braindead but i wont care cuss the pulseinin in my veins matches the mad beat the drum lays

all rhyming aside though this is so sick... like a diseased civialian. i cant get it outa my head and lyrics fit nicely the only thing is the vocalist doesn't seem to enthustiastic idk it might just be me but w/e is amazing either way keep up the good work peace man

shesmackshard responds:

thanks man!

Review Request Club

I remember listening to the first version of this. If memory serves, it was pretty much all there, though in my head it dragged a little by the second minute and could have used a few tweaks here and there. Anyway, let's see how this one fares in comparison:

The pulse waves are very psychadelic; I see you've kind of gained mixed reactions below. I think it's one of those things where if you like it or know it goes with the style, then you're fine with it going through most of the track. But if you DON'T like it, then it can get overbearing and head-spinning almost instantly. I don't listen to this genre, but using your previous track as a template I'm guesing it's pretty fitting of hardstyle to have that heavy pulsing beat. Definitely sets up the mood instantly, to say the least.

I like how you've again used the stereo to bounce the vocals around a little while the main tune plays through. The drum break at 0:58 was really nicely done, and proved a really good transition into a sort of new section; not a lot had changed, but the melody changing is enough to keep it sounding fresh and interesting enough. You've got a nice distribution between the lead synth, the vocals, and the points at which they overlap slightly. THere's possibly two things I like about this the most; one is the subtle changes you bring after each major transition to the melody, which means it doesn't drag as it would have done if you'd kept that melody the same. The second is the transitions themselves; the one at 2:05ish is possibly even better than the one at 0:58 because you had that nice effect on the drum beat as well.
Also coming in close third would be the production values of this. While a lot of the synths have obviously had a lot of work done to them, the quality still remains very high.

I think the ending was a little empty, but I've heard peopke use the term "dj-friendly" for outros that just use the basic beat of the track, so I'll...assume that's what it is! I'll stop rambling now. Tl;dr, good production values, nice changes in melody, in all a pretty solid track. Keep 'em coming.

-Review Request Club

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shesmackshard responds:

I appreciate the time put into it! the production was definitely the focus here, especially in this second mix.

excellent review, this is how reviews need to be (based on production). IMO anyways. thanks again

Utterly Amazing

-It's an interesting genre of music that isn't showcased here too much. Usually people just make straight techno and upload here. I personally enjoyed listening to this. I had to cycle through this three times just so I could review all the aspects of it. Main reason audio doesn't get many quality reviews but I don't mind listening to the same track over several times.

-I'm quite curious where you got the vocals from. Did you get someone to do them for you or are they computer generated? Anyways it's quite high quality and even though there is only three lines used throughout the entire song you did a very good job at mixing the audio and reworking it for the different areas. It allowed the little amount of lines to sound like so many more. The lyrics themselves are quite interesting in themselves. They make dancing with someone else sound like a dark game in my opinion.

-I'm not sure why everyone keeps telling you that the pulse waves are too loud or they hurt their ears. Even if you listen to it with the volume pumped way up(the way it's supposed to be) it sounds great. The way you mixed it with the synths was so well done. Several times you even adjusted or broke up the wave to keep it interesting. It's the main focal point of the whole genre of techno anyway to have pulsing waves so why complain about it if you don't like it. Also having such high quality even pulses leads me to believe that you either made sure you mastered this several times or you are just using some really good programs.

-There were so many great sounding transitions throughout that really helped smooth things over. There is nothing worse than an awful sounding transition that leaves a scowl on your face. I had to listen to no such thing here. When the vocals originally came in you had a nice voice build-up which made the first word sound so good and crisp. You don't see that kind of detail too often when someone introduces vocals. It does such a good job of easing you into the new element without having just the abrupt beginning of the word that usually happens. Then you ended that same first vocalized part with several repurcussions which helped add a nice effect and drop it back off into just the pulses before anything really began.

-At 0:58 you really had a nice drop off and build into the clapping effect which in it's own right was an excellent choice on your part. A simple clap by itself isn't so great but it's the way that you added it as the icing on the cake for the pulse that you incorporated so nicely into the song already to begin with. The several stutters in the beat gave it an edge of build-up that you used to drop the clap off. Yes, the clap was really nice but if you kept it on the rest of the song it would have lost all of it's uniqueness. Again you used that nice introduction to the vocals at 1:38 that I love so much. Even though the line was repeated like I said earlier it was still fresh to me. It was also dropped off nicely with the effect used at 2:05. I'm not sure what you used to create that sound but it was really nice.

-The end wasn't as effect driven as the rest of the song but it's due to the nice fading effects you used. Slowly shedding layers of the song off to bring it to a final close. Firstly dropping the synths and making it just the pulsing beat. Following that up with the wind howl to dissipate it. I was very pleased with how you were able to make a complete song cycle without having any abrupt parts to it. You always had nice build-ups or drop-offs to things.

-I'm really glad that you decided to use the user feedback to make a fixed version of the song that sounds leaps and bounds better than the original. No, your new version isn't going to be showered with love from everyone but to me you used that feedback excellently and made this song as good as it could be. It's why I do what I do. Well that and that I really enjoy doing it. Also if you read all of this it's an achievement in itself since it's taken up all of the available space that I can review in.

-Review Request Club

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shesmackshard responds:

I definitely read it all haha, I like feedback. Even negative, as long as its justified, and from people with production knowledge. Appreciated man, cheers.

glad you like it too. and the vocals are my girlfriend

I'll admit that the pulse waves hurt my head too

But I guess that's the nature of the genre, eh?

Nice way to put things together, though I somewhat personalyl question the phasing in and out of the vocal track. That is a personal artistic choice that I don't personally agree with, but it's fine that you did it (for me it just makes it too hard to understand).

This is however and altogether good track, well-produced with no glaring defects, and I have to say good job on doing that.

shesmackshard responds:

a 7 for what lol? thats not justified.

thanks fore the review, outright though!


It's probably good for the genre it's in but to me it literally made my headache pulse in waves to the music. ^_^ The vocals had some good effects on them. The synths started to get boring after a while. I agree that the kick needs to be more ...Kicking. You could have added some more stuff like maybe a solo. Like I said, I don't listen to hardstyle so I don't really know the music. I'm just going by what I thought about it.

shesmackshard responds:

Well Im at least interested in the production crits, but as you dont like hardstyle doesnt value too much lol.

I do however appreciate the review, absolutely. thanks

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Credits & Info

4.31 / 5.00

May 6, 2010
5:36 AM EDT
File Info
6.6 MB
2 min 53 sec

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