Future...Or Whats Left[NG Cut]

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[[ Future... Or Whats Left of It ]]
Original mix

Progressive :) Special thanks to newgrounds for inpsiring me to make this.
(...Changes in the middle)


never thought that this track is a progressive trance track o.o
always thought it's techno xP

anyway, really complex and let's say... unique (e.g. right at the beginning)
i also like the title of that track, fits perfectly.
and man this track is so much adrenalin i use it as my wake-up-melody to get up in the morning xD
(one thing to mention: a douchebag on youtube uploaded it but he says it's from nightkilla and not from you... really strange shit -.-; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPukkI XBorA)

quality: 2/2.5 (sometimes a bit dirty and not that clean as i like it)
taste: 2.5/2.5 (for a techno-like-track [i know it's progressive trance for ya] i find it perefectly made)


Its what i need to hear.

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alertG responds:

thanks for reviewing! this one needs some work on it as well, but its all being worked on.

This is sick

only thing is it starts a little slow and u kinda r like waiting for it but then it gets sick so nice job. Really good.

Such a cool track

This was an absolutely amazing techno track you made,i loved it's extreme instensity and it gave me quite the rush,the quality was nearly perfect and the syncing went very well,i don't hear much better than this often so be proud. =D

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alertG responds:

thanks. appreciate it!


Summary: Epic.

Lets see if I can think of any criticism.

Lets start with good things: Brilliant melodies, brilliant synths, always alot happening, excellent transitions. The works.

One thing I felt was that the melody was a tad overused, nice melody, but it didn't vary enough. But thats just my opinion.

The intro was nice, that synth, and that melody, worked. Then it develops, and you have a good skill with drums and structure.

I absolutely LOVE the piano parts. Im a sucker for piano, and heck, that transition at 2:50 was epic, and the breakdown after that worked brilliantly, and around 3:05 when you started to pull out of it with the sidechained kick, it was brilliantly pulled off.

After 3:30 it developed a very techno feel, I think I liked it xD.

The long outro was well composed, enhancing the progressive feel, I love progressive trance, and despite what people say, fade-outs aren't all that bad.

Excellent track, very well done. 5/5, downloaded.

alertG responds:

Actually I agree with you after listening to it a bunch i noticed the melody use as well.

Its also funny because what you said is the same as others have said. About the piano transition and the techno feel. And yes I love progressive which is why i made the ending like that :P

Thanks for your review!

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4.40 / 5.00

May 3, 2010
3:36 PM EDT
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