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[G] Holy Advocate ft. JP & KC

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A pretty dope collab between JP Super Fresh, Kid Crisis, and me. I will soon rap on this for the upcoming Let's Do This! EP. Have fun listening to it!

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Review Request Club

0:00-Interesting intro, cool melody...but I can barely hear it. Granted, my hearing's shot six ways to Sunday, but I've got my speakers turned all the way up and am still having trouble hearing it. Which is a shame, because what I can hear sounds good.
0:22-Drums come in way too hard compared to the low sounds before it, which I'm sure would have caned were I wearing headphones, having turned up the volume so loud to hear the start. You can have extreme dynamic changes without them being that extreme.
0:36-Can hardly hear the bass at all. Mixing definitely needs some work.
0:45-Interesting break into a new section; you can hear the melody a little better, but it's still cut straight through by the drum level.
1:19-Break was a little abrupt, but the lead is louder than it was...still not loud enough by a long shot, but any kind of louder is better, so plus points there.
1:52-The break here is alright, but they don't go into anything new; there's a slight variation of the lead instrument, but nothing further than that, which is a missed opportunity, because the breaks themselves are effective, just not followed through.

It has the potential to be a pretty kickass beat, but the mixing kills this completely, which is a crying shame. Turn things up! Work on the levels, think about maybe making the sections either side of the breaks differ a little more...if nothing else, take another look at the levels, because even if you lay rap on top of this it would sound very effective as a beat.

-Review Request Club


I gotta say this, man, I liked the beats, it's very different from what I ever listened, it sounded different, I liked the beat, but, it has no variations, you just made a beat and repeated it, with a break in the middle of them...

I think the song would be better if you cutted that break between the beats, and made a shorter start, with a low speaker, I couldn't hear the main riff, just the main beat...

I think that break was tottaly useless, it'd be fine if you just breaked it once, and added a different melody and a different beat, the song was w/out life, it sounded dead, and pretty dark, it looked strange... I just think you can fix those problems, and the song'll be fine... Keep it up, man,

(Review Request Club)

Nothing too special yet...

I wasn't really that impressed with this submission. It'll probably sound much better rapped on (even if I don't like Rap myself), but I'm going to review it as it is now, not as it might be when rapped on, and to be brutally honest, as it is now I'm not really too impressed. Sure, it has some good things to it, but this still needs some work before it can be enjoyable to listen to.

The melody you used is really interesting. You used the same four notes, same rhythm, and same instrumen for a whole 2 and a half minutes. You'll have to see it as repetitive at one point or another. First things first: turn it up. It's really quiet as it is now, completely lost in an array of loud drums and random sound effects. Secondly, this melody is REALLY simple. Just a G, E, F and A playing in a simple rhythm. Sure, I understand that rap beats don't have some complicated melody, but at least give the melody a bit more catchiness. It's very bland and almost annoying as it is now. Finally, give it some more diversity. As I said, the melody is used for the whole song, when you had space for loads of alternate melodies, or subtle changes at the least. So, as a recap, vary the melody more, make the melody a little more catchy and less bland/simple, and turn it up a little...

The instrument you used was also pretty plain. It sounds like a cross between a raw square wave and a raw sine wave. No filtering, effects, or any other layers of different waves over the synth. Just a simple synth. I think you should make the synth sound a bit more interesting and add a few more background instruments to give the song a bit more depth. Maybe it's just me and my lack of knowledge of Rap, but I think this sounds really empty with just a drums playing over a very quiet and simple synth with a few sound effects. Speaking of the sound effects, I really liked them; I'm sure that if you rap over this, the sound effects will make it sound much more interesting. I also like the reverb you put on one of the claps; it added a cool effect to the beat.

The transitions aren't really that good. Sure, none of the transitions sounded so bad that they stood out, but none of the transitions were that special. Probably the worst transition would be the one you did when introducing the beat to the song. Give it some simple drum roll before starting it up, or maybe a reverse cymbal or something. The drums come in pretty suddenly and take the user by surprise; but maybe that has to do with the fact that the drums are so loud.

The structure is pretty weird, when comparing with other song structures I heard. You had the same melody playing, and sometimes the beat was playing, sometimes it wasn't, and you added a few sound effects here and there. Still, maybe it's the structure of a Rap song; as I said, I know very little about Rap. The variety, as I said, isn't that good, because of the repetitive beat, the repetitive melody and the lack of different sounds. The intro and outro were very uninteresting too. A fade in for the intro and a fade out for an outro, which don't provide such a good intro and ending.

The drums were good. The beat was definitely catchy, even though it held the same rhythm as any other rap beat there is. I think the hat got a bit annoying at times though, namely around 0:28. Still, the beat sounded nice overall, so good job over there. Samples were cool too. The only problem I have with them is obviously that they were so repetitive and that they were really loud too.

Overall, this is an OK submission, although without the rap lyrics, this sounds really plain because of its lack of different sounds and depth. The melody also needs some work since it's really basic, but at least the sound effects are awesome and the beat and drum samples you used were also great. So yeah, in general, an OK submission, but deifnitely could be improved more if it had the rap lyrics or at least some better melodies and more instruments. Still, not a bad job, good luck with your future songs!
5/5 - because this got 0-bombed :/.

-Review Request Club-

Polar opposites

-The thing about this song that irked me the most was the fact that I had to turn my headphones up just to hear the melody. That mixed with having drums that kicked entirely too hard in comparison. This can be fixed by either equalizing the sound a bit or by just adjusting the volume of one of the parts.

-The melody was very smooth but it was quite repetitive in it's nature and didn't have anything that could hold my interest for several playthroughs. The drums would sound better if they weren't so overpowering of everything else. As far as the drum instrumentals they were solid and had enough variety that they don't need any reworking other than volume adjustment.

-Review Request Club

Jirohbomb responds:

I have to fix that up then. I have gotten a few complaints about drums. Thank you so much for your review.

ok ok

honestly i cant say much about beat making cuz i havent taken the time to really get the grasp of creating them..this is a great piece right chair! For some reason I think I have heard some of this before..Prolly off one other other artists pages. If you'll let me, I may need to make a promo version with my own lyrics.... well thanks for the share and PEACE!!

Jirohbomb responds:

I wouldn't mind if you did something on this. The reason it probably sounds familiar is because I used a sample that Yun, War Spawn, and Delinquent have used before. Just let me hear this promo version later ok? Keep up.

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May 2, 2010
7:18 PM EDT
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